Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday -- August 10th, 2012

Mrs Blog and I will be at a cabin on a lake for most of this week. , there should be WI-FI, but you never know. I will continue the blog as usual unless I have connection trouble. If I do, I'll be back Friday.

On another note I have lost editing and control functions on my Blog for about two weeks that really making posting a pain. The problem has been reported to the Blogger support team and they are supposedly working on it. No action so far, however.


Harry Plumer dishes out some helmet stickers for Saturday's game. I should have mentioned Colter Johnson's impressive performance in yesterday's post. He had a 44 yard/kick average and two 50 yarders. We're accumulating FBS talent. We just need more of it.

Still no bio information about Johnson in the UMass website. My recruiting blog post for him  is here.


Don Brown's UConn defense was stellar against N.C. State, but the Huskies lost the game. Note that UConn held N.C. State to 12 first downs and 258 total yards....


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" looks at the league results so far.'s "MAC Insider" says offense still rules the day in the conference.


CBS Sports has UMass dead last in the FBS rankings. As the post above about UConn indicates, the Minutemen may have been facing better teams than people appreciate. Michigan is another sleeper. They lost to Alabama, but who wouldn't.


Should we be worried about Victor Cruz?


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Anonymous said...

Umass has to be more direct to their appeal to alums,parents and casual fans in the marketing. Saying it's on is not enough. Shame them into supporting them. Tell them UMASS needs support, and if you enjoyed the experience Umass gave you or your kids,then come on out,even for one game. This is going to take time,but unique approaches need to be made. No one has all the answers. For what it is worth,Temple vs Maryland at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly attracted 23k.