Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game Day-- Miami (Ohio)

All right. Today we start MAC games. Up until this time, we have been a mostly FCS team playing a BCS schedule.

Moving to league play means the talent level won't be as overwhelming. However, the MAC is still several steps ahead of where we are right now. Kent State beat Towson (picked by many to compete for the CAA title) 41-21. Miami (Ohio) should be a couple of TD favorite, but let's get the running game working and cut down on the penalties.

I would like to see some positive stuff happen to reward the players and coaches who have worked hard this year.

Go UMass!!!

Matty V. says Miami and UMass have many similarities in their athletic programs.

The UMass Daily Collegian says the Mimutemen start league play today.

The Boston Herald states UMass kicks off league slate.

MassLive says league play will be the real measure of UMass.

Harry Plumer runs the NCAA13 simulation and gets Miami (Ohio) 27-UMass 10.

The MAC blog "Hustle Belt" does a question-and-answer on Miami (Ohio) -UMass game.

MAC Report Online also does a comprehensive game preview of the UMass-Miami (Ohio).

SB Nation Boston has Mike Wegzyn and the Minutemen take on the Redhawks. reports Zac Dysert looks to have a big day against the Minutemen defense.


The stories above report that the Redhawks star receiver Nick Harwell, will be out of today's game. Harwell had 97 catches in 2011 for 1,400+ yards.


Interesting game today as UConn meets Western Michigan.


Brandon London, coming off a knee injury, returns for the Argos game.



UMass74 said...

UMass looks a much better physical match with Miami (Ohio).

A missed FG and a blown defensive assignment or it would have been 7-6 Miami at the half.

UMass74 said...

Total yards at the half 240 UMass 225 for Miami.

UMass74 said...

That was an awful call on the 5 yard line.

Run Cox four times!

UMass74 said...

Cox scores in one play from 6...

Greg said...

Looking much better, we let one slip away.