Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wednesday-- September 5th, 2012

Matty V on the activities of UMass' first home game at Gillette. Bill Cosby, a C5-A flyover and more.


Fox Sports says 1-0 Indiana heads to UMass.

The Indiana Blog "Crimson Quarry" has game day basics.


Bleacher Report has the UConn defense as #9 in the nation.


We (the offense) made the lowlights article at CBS Sports.

One good thing. Apparently because we are a "transitional" team we did not make the NCAA statistics page.

If we did, we would be last in FBS (by a wide margin) and last in FCS. Although it would have been a close race in FCS. Northwestern state had 84 total yards and Robert Morris had 5 first downs last week.

I was looking at our records book and the only UMass negative record may been number of first downs, but that statistic is not among the listed records.

Fewest yards gained: 45 vs UNH 1976 (it was close but we beat the record by 14 yards)

Lowest average yards per play: 0.9 yards at the same game as above. we had 1.3 against UConn.

Fewest yards gained rushing: -87 vs Holy Cross 1968 (How is that possible? Someone run the wrong way? We easily beat that record with +3 yards rushing at UConn)

We had zero yards passing three times: 0 vs Lehigh in 1995 (we won the game with 515 rushing yards. Mrs Blog and I went to that game down in PA)

0 vs Boston College in 1978 (that was the game they beat us 70-0 so the no passing yards may not have been intentional.)

0 vs Brandise in 1959 (I don't know what happened at that game except that we won  25-6)

Most Punts: 13 vs Richmond (we had 11 at UConn).

That's all the negative records I could find.

The MAC Blog has the league power ratings after week #1.

They also have a listing of all the former MAC players in the NFL


Victor Cruz and the Giants start the NFL season on an unusual Wednesday game. Now unusual? The Giants have not played on a Wednesday since October 3rd 1934.

Speaking of Victor, the NY Times says he is no longer the Giants secret weapon.

News Day says Victor is underpaid, but not under appreciated).


Baltimore Beatdown states that James Ihedigbo is a solid hire for the Ravens.

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Anonymous said...

10,000 tickets sold-come on!! Anything less than 20k at this game will be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to engage in hyperbole, but in this case I agree that less than 20k would be a DISASTER.

TopUMassFan said...

10,000 tickets doesn't sound good. This was going to be our BIG home game for the year. We have to do better. They say we have 100,000 alumni in Eastern MA, we have got to reach them.

How bout a deal where if an alum buys a ticket, he gets one free. Buy two tickets, get up to three free. Get them in the door, we have the room. Let a family experience UMass football and see if they like it. They'll buy food, drinks and souvenirs and maybe they'll become fans.

I'm not a marketing guy but I know an empty seat brings no money in. Find a way to fill the seats!

Anonymous said...

Why buy tickets in advance and pay a 5 or $6 charge, it's not gonna be a sell out.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to checking out this blog daily, all year round, but it gets tiring to read useless and negative comments that at times, seem baseless. Previous poster, please elaborate on your comment that "anything less than 20K at this game will be a disaster."

Anonymous said...

They announced the upgrade two springs ago(2011) yet did no advertising or promotions until the last month. That's why it's 20k or bust!!