Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday-- October 1st, 2012

Matty V has a story about the maturation of UMass QB Mike Wegzyn. Mike's UMass bio here.

Matty also has a story on Blake Lucas taking over on kicking.

The UMass Daily Collegian said UMass couldn't hang on.

Harry Plumer of MassLive looks at how Ohio built a successful program.

He also hands out helmet stickers for week #5. Three freshmen were the leading tacklers for the defense Saturday: Joe Colton, Kessan Messiah and Trey Dudley-Giles.

SB Nation Boston reviews Saturday's games. So far New England schools are 3-11 against FBS teams this year.


Western Michigan's coach Bill Cubit says the Broncos offense needs more big plays.

Michigan Live didn't like Western Michigan's uniforms Saturday.

The Toledo Blade said the Rockets blitzed Western Michigan.


James Ihedigbo is happy playing for the Ravens.


Victor Cruz went 9-109-1 TD against the Eagles last night.



vetteson said...

The somersault nothwithstanding, a great game. Watched it on ESPN3, my new way of watching UMass football. On a fixed income I can't rationalize $100 to see a "home" football game 2 hours away, even if it is UMass. Get McGiurk fixed up! This Foxborough thing is not going to work. 8500 at Saturday's game! Eastern Mass alums are not big UMass fans any more and they are not going flock to Gillete. On a good note, we did get better attandence than New Hampshire (7000+) and Maine3400).......

Gregg Clements said...

Although "vetteson" is a horse's behind, he/she is right about getting McGuirk upgraded. Close in the end zone where the score board is and put another level on the visitor's side of the stadium. We don't need an 80,000 seat stadium. 30-35K would be fine. I hope this is in the works now! Let's use Gillette to get off the ground and when we are really competitive in the MAC we will be able to fill McGuirk with students! If/when we play a big time team that wants to come up here we can play that game at Gillette. BC used to do the same thing.

This puts a ton of pressure on Molnar. We need to be competing for a MAC championship and a bowl game in 2 years. If we are not winning in 2 years how long does the administration (many of the faculty were against the FBS move to begin with) allow the program to stay afloat? I know we are making big $$ with some of these road games but the program needs to play the games on campus for long term survival. A good competitive team in the MAC will draw 25-30 thousand people to McGuirk.

Getting the press box upgraded and new football offices is great but the stadium itself needs more seats. Where are we on this?

Gregg Clements
CL 107, Row 5, Seats 13-16

izy1 said...

I thought it was a very good game.
Glad to see Wegzyn making some moves, that little jog of his shows he aint going to just make pocket shots.He showed everyone he has a long arm downfield. The team overall made some huge improvements, offense and defense.

Anonymous said...

It will take wins to start filling the seats at Gillette. No one cared about Umass basketball until Calipari took over. In the mid-90s, every kid in Boston was wearing a UMass shirt. Ideally, they'll start winning and eventually join a conference that averages more than 15,000 per game. The MAC competition plays a big factor in turnout.