Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday--September 21st, 2012 says UMass prepares for Miami of Ohio.

Harry Plumer reports Christian Birt and Alan Williams will be game captains for the Redhawks Saturday.

Plumer has some quick facts about Miami (Ohio) and there's no "of".

The UMass Daily Collegian says Birt is providing a jolt for the Minutemen defense

Matty V. says the Minutemen ready to turn the page to conference play.


The Maimi Student says the Minutemen storm Miami for homecoming.

This article features Redhawks kicker Kaleb Patterson.

Miami (Ohio) is, of course, "The cradle of Coaches".


Speaking of kicking, it's been a problem for the whole MAC conference.

The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has two-deep changes for the entire league including UMass and Miami (Ohio).


FCS school UNI is exploring a move to FBS. Note that the article references the four team BCS playoffs starting in 2014 that could provide mid-major FBS teams like UMass with $1 million annually in revenue sharing. I would think that fan pressure will eventually move the playoffs to a FCS-style 16 teams, which has the potential for even greater amounts of TV money.


Bob Leverone/AP image

Victor Cruz had 6 catches for 42 yards last night as the Giants crushed the Panthers.



vetteson said...

The MAC and its identity crisises, Miami (Ohio) University, NOT Miami of Ohio (not to be confused with the University of Miami); Ohio University (NOT the Ohio State University), and the carousel of Michigan campuses, Eastern, Western, and Central. Need a map.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that the D-Line front four appear much smaller than they did last year. An inquiry revealed that they are all about 20-30 pounds lighter. Overworked is an obvious reason.. The same line except Thompson for Flannagan in 2010 vs Michigan and they definitely did not play as well.. No push... Lets not maintain this blind faith in the new coach... He looked overwhelmed himself...He best allow his assistants to have say or we are in trouble..

Anonymous said...

Top Roww ( or used to be but now in section 109)
To ALL posters who choose to be anonymous. How about you up some kind of name. Any name at all.
Otherwise your so called posts are kind of bogus or maybe you are just cowardly.
The three of us formerly from the top rowe in section 16 at mcguirk but now in section 109 think the team is getting -slowly- each week.
most players who were here when coach Charlie came on are still here while others have left. Not really different than other years or coaching staffs.
Umass is playing 85 scholarship division 1 teams every time we play from here onwards. Every team we play will have nfl level players on their rosters.
That is the way it is. So if you want to puss n moan about the coaches or the schedule how about if you take up tennis or chess. Both good games but just a little less physical than you anonymous posters might be able to deal with.
Looking forward to Saturday's Miami game n will look forward to seeing those supporting the team n the challenges they face coming up.
the schedule is tough. The road ahead is challenging. If you like this challenge n being a part of the teams growth good for you. If you want to a whiner and to stay anonymous - well how about if you get off the ride now.
mike sec 109

Anonymous said...

20-30 lbs lighter????? You are obviously out of touch. Line vs Michigan potvin byrne Flanagan n Mclaughlin in 2010. Byrne n potvin are both close to same. This year byrne Andre Thompson clemons. Very close to same size.
We are right around the same size as our opponents. Speed n quickness is where we are coming up a little short.
Overall the team is showing good stout heart n when considering how many freshman or redshirt freshman we are playing the future looks promising.
Mike sec 109

Anonymous said...

Top Roww, who are you to call those who post anonymous that our posts are bogus and cowardly? Stay in your lane and post your comments how you see fit and let those of us to share our thoughts as well. Because posters don't share the same views as others do not make them inferior. Pass your judgments somewhere else please.

Anonymous said...

Top ROWW I could introduce myself but I wouldn't want you to pee your pants..I have no problem matching the path I traveled in life to any others.. Been there done that..Twice...As for D-LINE weight, if you are going by the roster, you haven't a clue.. I am not exposing myself in order not to expose inside info.. But rest assured it is from reliable sources.. Your blind faith is exposing your ignorance. A lot of power struggles going on behind the scenes and Molnar needs to learn to let the others contribute, especially game time...

Anonymous said...

To pink hat anonymous
Stand up n support the team or post a bunch of unsubstantiated il-informed whiny b/s with an anonymous id?

Can you guess how long this will take to think about?

Go coach charlie n looking forward to seeing others in section 109 at gillette.

Pink hat anonymous you are surely entitled to sit on your couch n post whiny b/s.
Mike sec 109

UMass74 said...

OK. Time out called on comments.