Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday--September 14th, 2012

Matty V. says Gillette awaits the first UMass home game.

The Boston Globe also has a story on UMass home game at Gillette.


Three articles on the busness end of UMass lease at Gillette.

One from MassLive.

One from BizJournal.

And, typically from the Boston Globe, that accentuates the negatives.

A quick editorial from me. It is absolutely freakin' nuts to  draw any conclusions after one game. We all knew that this season would be rough. One or two wins would be a good start. It's going to take three years to make us competitive in FBS. There is no magic way of getting there.

Once upon a time, I was president of a Civil War round table. During that conflict Union Soldiers had a nickname for other people in the ranks who darkly predicted Confederate victory ---right up until the Federals marched into Richmond. The soldiers called them "Croakers".

Lincoln was at first bemused, and then frustrated, that experts---- experts mind you, kept running into his office and claiming that it was impossible for the 100,000 strong Union army to take one step towards the Confederacy. Impossible!

Lincoln sent a stinging note to General McClelland: Was he not being overcautious when he assumed that his army could not do what what the enemy was constantly doing? Lincoln said "Should you not claim to be at least his equal in prowess and act upon the claim?"

UConn moved to FBS and lost 17 games in their first two years. Three other FCS teams moved to FBS along with UMass this year. Old Dominion and Georgia State move next year. It makes my blood pressure spike when people say we can't do, or shouldn't do,  what other schools did and are doing.

So UMass fans, we're going to have to put up with the Croakers for a couple of years. I, for one, am planning to rub their noses in it at some time in the future...


The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass is laying the foundation for success.

The Collegian on the Minutemen's preparation for Indiana.

They also have Coach Molnar is confident UMass is moving in the right direstion.

The Boston Herald has a column that says Indiana will exceed the point spread.

The game has been getting good support from the UMass students.

Jeff Stait is the feature of this article from the Herald.

Meanwhile, Indiana just wants to win the game.


MassLive's Harry Plumber takes a quick look at Indiana and their campus.


MAC Report online looks at this week's conference games.

VanDelay Sports picks this week's MAC games.


The Indiana blog "Crimson Quarry" has what to expect for the UMass-Indiana game.



vetteson said...

While the Boston Globe has not always been a good friend of UMass the article on the move to FBS repeats all the valid concerns that have come up on this blog in the past. Money is a big issue at UMass because it is not (never has been) treated by the state legislature as have other major universities in the country. While the football program has had a strong following in the past, it has always been limited to 10-11,000 fans, which does not generate a large "gate". Maybe UMass should not have joined the MAC (I wish they had not) and remained an "independent for hire". Playing at Gillete is like playing on the road. So why don't we play all our games away as an independent? We could charge $250,000 a game and get great TV coverage at FSU, Clemson, Virgina Tech. etc. This way the team builds revenue, gains experience, and finally, a bid from a BCS conference.

Anonymous said...

Vetteson is obviously clueless, no home games? Dude serious?

Anonymous said...

We could.... But you should spend your time working on getting the ketchup back into the bottle or better yet, putting a broken egg back together... We should, we could !!!!! We are and doing it right now So enough of the what if's and lets just focus on the present... The bus has already left the station...

Anonymous said...

It is not permissible under NCAA rules to play fewer than 5 home games, or 4 home games + 1 neutral site. End of discussion.

vetteson said...

I was joking...God what a bunch!

Anonymous said...

I believe we have 5 home games....Home is where the heart is and for now our team heart beats in Foxboro..
End of that story..