Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Day---Michigan

A top BCS team like Michigan would be a tough draw for any transition team at any time, but given where we are right now, it's even rougher. However, three years from now let's say "Remember how we battled and never quit against the Wolverines."

Let's take what we can from the game and keep moving forward!

Go UMass!!


Matty V. has UMass takes on the Big House.

Sports Illustrated has UMass running back to play in stadium he graduated from.

The Boston Globe has Michigan by six touchdowns. has UMass Minutemen at #17 Michigan.

The Boston Herald has back in the big house.

MassLive has trying to stop Denard Robinson.

The Detroit Free Press takes a look at the Minutemen.


The MAC conference has Game Day Central for the nine league teams in action today.


Eli Manning has plenty of faith in Victor Cruz.

NBC New York says the Giants players need action not talk against the Bucs.



TopUMassFan said...

While the highlights may be few and far between today, I would like to think each member of Minutemanation will take a moment to think of George Parks and a memory you have of him, and smile.

Anonymous said...

if we're going down to defeat; let's go down fighting!!!

izy1 said...

here is a web feed

izy1 said...


Here is another better web feed

Anonymous said...

We are playing at The Big House in front of 113,000, can't ask for better publicity for UMass. It beats playing URI in front 3,000 at Meade Stadium. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

I cannot stomach any more penalties. They're killing us!

Anonymous said...

I know this brings more publicity but is it positive? Are they really going to attract better recruits getting blown out every time they step on the field. I love UMass, and I am thrilled about FBS, but I just hope this schedule does not hurt UMass publicly. The thing that is frustrating is, not that it would turn a loss into a win, but the penalties are killing this team.

izy1 said...

the learning curve is in motion...give it some time and give all a chance to get in a groove
a few more games and maybe the results will improve