Saturday, September 08, 2012

Game Day-- Indiana

First FBS home game in Gillette . Indiana should be favoured, after all they are a Big Ten team, but it's another step on the journey. We'll see who is favoured when we play at their place in 2017

Go UMass!!

Matty V. has UMass faces favoured Indiana at Gillette today.

After one week, I'm last in the Media vs Bloggers football picking poll.


Harry Plumer has a feature about new UMass kicker Ian Maltz. Ian's UMass bio here.

He also has Indiana and UMass have some similarities in their program.

Plumer has an article that freshman Khari Bailey-Smith could start. Bailey-Smith's UMass bio here.


John M. , who we swapped questions-and-answers with on his blog "Crimson Quarry" previews the UMass-Hoosiers game and predicts a 34-17 Indiana victory.


Keepers College Football Ratings has Indiana by 8.77.


The MAC Conference has the game day notes for all the league teams.

The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" also previews all the league games.


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Anonymous said...

Well I guess I can agree with Bill Cosby on one thing, Stop Throwing The Ball! Wegzyn is obviously not a Div 1 QB and has looked horrible in both games. The fans clearing out in there and next to empty in the stadium is also a sad display. Coach Molnar calling a QB sneak on 4th and 2, are you serious? Offense was Absolutely Terrible to say the least, and Defense how many errors and penalties can they possibly make. Sorry, but when you make a move up to this caliber and your running a no huddle shotgun spread offense and going 3-0 in less then a minute, you may want to go back to the Drawing Board! It's sad that this is probably one of the worst Team's we have had in years, when there is so much media supporting them finally.