Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday--September 3rd, 2012

Harry Plumer of MassLive gives out "helmet stickers" for the Minutemen's first game. As you would expect they went to three defensive players: Darren Thellen, Randall Jette and Greg Hilliard.


The CT Post looks at the three turnovers by the Huskies and 82 total yards by Lyle McCombs and does not mention the UMass defense.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says the MAC had a good opening week.

Losing to Ohio rattles Penn State.


The Indiana Blog "Crimson Quarry" reviews the Hoosiers win over Indiana State.


Victor Cruz remembers opponents who trash talk about him.

Rant Sports says Victor Cruz will have another big year in 2012.


CSN Philly has a mention of Emil Igwenagu who cleared waivers and signed with the Eagles practice squad.


Brandon London thought his year was over after suffering a knee injury.



Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea what type of crowd is expected for the Indiana game?

TopUMassFan said...

The MAC had an impressive weekend. I can't wait to get to league competition to see where we stand. Did anyone else find some of the HC comments a bit "curious"? He seemed very surprised at the outcome and the performance of the offense. If his belief the offense is better is correct, that is great for UMass. The "bloody mouth" thing is odd and most likely a one-time thing.

Is it Saturday, yet? Let's have a LARGE house warming party for our team and LET'S GET LOUD!

Anonymous said...

I don't see why people are saying the UMass defense played well. If, as you said, UConn is a power running team, then the 3.4 yards per carry is appropriate. "Three yards and a cloud of dust." It is also a first down every three plays. That's not good defense.

Neither is 372 yards, 8 of 16 third down conversions and 4 of 5 in the red zone.

Keep in mind the UConn QB Whitmer was also making his first start. Top receiver Geremy Davis had 5 catches for 79 yards against UMass. He had 6 for 73 in total last year.

UMass74 said...

The UMass defense was on the field for 70 plays and 36-and-half minutes.

The Minutemen defense only gave up 23 points.

The defense forced three turnovers.

UConn star running back Lyle McComb's longest gain was 12 yards.

The Huskies ran inside 10 times and gained 14 yards.

The UConn offense started drives on the UMass side of the field four times and an additional four times on their own 40 or better. The Huskies had GREAT field position on 8 of their 12 possessions.

That's pretty good defense in my book.

MinuteFan said...

2I was at the game last week, with the following observations. In general, too often people only look at how their team played, without factoring in that the opponent has a lot to do with it.
I thought the defense did play well. I agree that UConn is not a dynamic offensive team, so that helped. But the "D" hung in there despite knowing very early on that the offense was not going to score. They deserve credit for that. UMass will see far better offenses in the MAC, but so far so good.
On the other side of that coin, UConn has an excellent defense. They will give most Big East teams trouble this year. UMass has a whole new set of skill players and a freshman QB, so it is going to be a struggle. How bad they looked was a combination of those two factors.
And while it is tempting to say that the embarassing performance on offense (couldn't cross their own 40!)is strictly due to "moving up a Division", that ignores the fact that UMass played an FBS team nearly every year for the last 25. They scored and at least moved the ball on Michigan, Texas Tech, Kansas State, BC, etc. They should have beaten a good Navy team and a pretty good Army squad. The fact is that this may be a weak UMass offense even by FCS standards. Its not like this was a dominant team in the CAA that is now stepping it up. Even with today's roster, this would be a middle of the pack CAA team. The increased scholarships will not pay dividends for several years. My point is, don't be discouraged that UMass cannot compete in FBS football. Some of those Mark Whipple and Don Brown teams of the past decade would have been close to the middle of the MAC right away. But we happen to be coming out of a down era the last three years at the same time we are increasing our level of competition. That's a double whammy that will take some time to overcome.
Lastly, I think people expect to lose a lot of games the next few years, but they need to see some sign of progress and hopefully some entertainment. So its good that the first clunker was on the road. Let's hope UMass is more entertaining and competitive in front of the home fans at Gillette so they will hang in there through this process.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just negative, if you watched the UConn game and know anything about football you would have to agree the D played very well. This will be 3-5 year process, remember UConn went to the Fiesta Bowl 2 years ago and has been recruiting 1-A talent for close to a decade, I think it will take us half that time to compete year in and year out. Go UMass beat Indiana!

Anonymous said...

Re: Minutefan- Agreed. This team has been going downhill for a few years and there's no doubt that if they remained FCS they'd be going nowhere this year either. Patience definitely needed during this building phase. You also made a great point about moving the ball against FBS competition in the past. This is the part that's a little bit baffling.