Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday --September 9th, 2012

Some thoughts about yesterday's game (in no particular order).

1. Darren Thellen--- nine solo tackles and an INT. He's having a great season.
2. UMass has a significant deficit in team speed against BCS teams. Running outside got stuffed all day.

3. Mrs. Blog and I got to meet all the UMass die-hards. All the regulars were there. It was good seeing old friends. We also saw a couple of non-friends.

4. UMMB --- only two songs at halftime? WUWT?

5. The offense got better. We had 264 total yards and we were negatively impacted by 8 first half penalties. UMass only had one in the second half. Mike Wegzyn looked a lot more comfortable.

6. The kicking game was great on the punting (44 yards/punt). Not good on kicking as we missed an extra point and a makeable field goal.

7  UMass fans gave several ovations to Indiana QB Tre Robinson, who suffered a
 broken leg in the first half.

8. Again, nobody quit and the UMass fans who stayed, cheered first downs and defensive stops. Diehards.

8. After the game, I came home, poured myself a couple of shots and watched MAC conference-mate Kent State lose to Kentucky by just about the same score (allowing for better kicking). Only two  BCS teams to go.

9. BTW, the Hoosiers were still running the no huddle and passing late in the fourth quarter. Maybe we'll have a chance to return the favour some day.

10. The Club Level seats were awesome!


Matty V. says UMass struggled mightily.

Mike Wegzyn was upbeat about the offense and nobody got hurt.

The Globe said Indiana easily handled UMass.

Mass Live says bad tackling and penalties did it for the Minutemen.

Also negative plays hurt the UMass offense.

The fly-over was fun.

WEEI says the Minutemen lost big in their home opener.

SB Nation said it was a rout.


UConn lost to N.C. State.

Michigan struggled against Air Force.


The MAC did good against some OOC opponents, not so good against BCS Teams.



Anonymous said...

It will be a 3-5 year process, it certainly beats the hell out of playing URI at a broken down McGuirk. The atmosphere was great yesterday and the UMMB is the best. Can only imagine what it will be like to be competitive game in and game out. Go UMass!

TopUMassFan said...

SPEED. Speed is the big difference right now and it shows. One one play, Cox was taken down from behind by the opposite side DL player. In a couple of years, we will have speed and bench depth and we will compete on a level field.

Disappointed in the turnout. I am seated in CL207, row 2 (love my seat) and seats all around me were empty. No Excuse for this. Marketing has got to find a way to fill seats. It is not going to be winning games, not this year.

Overall, we made some striides forward and backwards. It is going to take time, it will be a bumpy ride but count me in! When we TRULY ARRIVE, it is going to be SO WORTH IT!

Anonymous said...

There was a whole lot of ugly from yesterday's game. Poor attendance after the marketing effort, poor defense after it looked like it had potential after the UConn game, still can't kick a #$#%@ ball through the uprights etc. They're overmatched, undermanned and we're looking at 0-12 without a doubt. I know everyone says this is going to take time, but will there be anyone left watching by then?

Anonymous said...

The offense didn't get better, the defense they were playing against was a lot worse than last week against UConn. The offensive line is terrible. First time in a very long time they are a weakness. Should have kept Picucci.

Anonymous said...

Any information on #54 Seals. Recorded our first defensive sack of the season. Up and coming?

Anonymous said...

From sec 109 (used to be Top Roww)
Well that was fun n not.
In some ways better than last week but in other ways not so.
Offensively we did play better but we have a ways to go before we have offensive identity n playmakers.
Defensively the team needs to keep being persistent.
Kicking needs to be consistent when we have makeable kicks- like yesterday. Punting was good but we were not pressed like uconn did when they blocked the punt.
Overall we need everyone to keep working n play hard. The road ahead is NOT easier.
We had a good time in 109 n most everyone there knows what we are like n what the road ahead looks like.
See everyone there for the Ohio game.

Anonymous said...

If the head coach put as much time in with his offense as he does his personal appearances, we might be better off. Defensively, the rotation of the DBs was ineffective - there were many blown assignments. Did anyone notice they were tackling in warm-up? That's ludicrous.

MinuteFan said...

Observations from the Indiana game:

First, the postives. A commenter on another post thinks Wegzyn looked bad. ???? The kid looked WAY better than against UConn. 18-26-151, no turnovers, 7 rushes for 32 yds and our only TD. All while running for his life. Those are pretty good numbers. Even against the 2nd and 3rd string Indiana defense, there was a noticable drop-off when AJ Doyle went in. But that's the difference between a true freshman and a redshirt. I don't think QB is our problem, or at least we are so overmatched everywhere else that I can't tell if it's a problem. And the young receivers, Marken and Sharpe have some skills as well. Punter looks good too, but he may have to be put on a "pitch count" so his leg doesn't fall off. Another positive: I felt way worse the last two times at Gillette when UNH marched up and down the field on our defense in the same manner. At least this was a Big Ten team.

As I said last week, a lot of what we see out there has more to do with who we are playing than it does with UMass. The defense did not get worse, but UConn has a vanilla and sluggish offense. They scored 7 against NC State this week, and will struggle to break 20 all year. Put that Indiana QB Roberson (felt bad that he got hurt) on UConn and they would have scored a bunch more. And the UConn defense was much better than Indianas. Its not scheme or coaching or anything that fancy. We just do not have the athletes YET to match up with a Big Ten team, even a lower tier one like Indiana. Denard Robinson may rush for 300+ this week.
A few other things. In the prediction portion of this blog last week, about half the responders picked UMass to win or stay even. That just shows me that the expectatons are totally unrealistic for a lot of people. I am happy to see that Coach Molnar is sticking with his offensive game plan, even though we are nowhere near ready to execute it effectively. While he could probably try and slow things down, take some time off the clock and lose by less, that won't help the future. If this is the way he envisions the team playing, then keep at it until we get the personnel to make it work. Really, losing 28-6 or 45-6 is the same thing at this point. And lastly, I am truly worried about the attendance and have been from the start. And I don't blame it all on lack of marketing. If you have been to the first two games, tell me what your marketing angle would be? Gillette Stadium is nice and its way cheaper than a Pats game? That will work once or twice, but after that they will have to have at least a competitive team. Saturday was the first home game, it was summer-like weather and a Big Ten BCS opponent. That translated to 16,000 fans. When the novelty wears off and we have a potentialy 0-10 UMass team vs. Buffalo on a cold and rainy November day, there may be 3,000.
I am not being overly negative. I bought my four season tickets, will make every game out of loyalty to my school and won't give up. But there need to be more than 2000-3000 of us to make this work.

Gregg said...

I think the marketing plan is fine. They just need to stick with it but ultimately a good team is the best advertising. I, too, am worried about attendance. Those who follow the program know we are going to get our hat handed to us this year. We have a chance to win one game. That's it. Next year we might win 2. What happens if the attendance is less than 10K per game? Does the school keep plowing money into the team? Would Kraft let UMass out of the deal if it is obvious the program has no chance drawing fans? Are there any plans to build out McGuirk so it holds 30-35K? Ultimately, the team needs to play on campus to have any shot at survival. How long will people put up with a losing program that does not play on campus? Would we go back to FCS or just shut the whole program down? I know it's only 2 games but we are so outmatched it's hard to imagine we could ever get to the level of Indiana and they are a joke in the Big Ten. It seems we did better against FBS teams when we were FCS. Is that because teams overlooked us then? Not sure but we look so slow and small now.

On the positive, the club seats at Gillette are the shizzle (CL7, Row 5, seats 13-16). The band was great but why such a short program. Also, part of the band came to our tailgate and played for us. Nice touch.

Anyway, we'll be there against Ohio. I hope others join us.