Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday---September 1st, 2012

Matty V reports that Ed Saint-Vil will be out a month with a lower leg injury suffered at UConn.


Harry Plumber of MassLive says its back to work for UMass.

Yesterday, he had the UMass offense couldn’t get off the ground.


The Boston Herald said it was a harsh start to FBS football.


Darren Thellen's INT was ESPN's play of the day.


The Lowell Sun says UMass give New England another option for New England football fans.


Kansas State officially announced their OOC for 2013 and it includes UMass on 09/14/2013.


Matty V reports that James Ihedigbo and Emil Igwenagu were cut by the Patriots and the Eagles respectively.

Story on the official Eagles website.

In another article it said Emil is eligible for the practice squad.

ESPN says James Ihedigbo was informed of his release August 31st.


In the only cheerful news over the last couple days, Josh Samuda made the Miami dolphins, but I could'nt find an article that specifically mentioned him.

Congrats from all UMass fans Josh!


A couple of games of interest to UMass fans:

MAC conference-mate Ohio gets to see what Penn State has left.

Indiana starts it's season against Indiana State at 8:00 pm tonight.


Up here in the great Granite State, Bob Kraft helps launch an new NH lottery ticket.



TopUMassFan said...

Come on, UMass Nation, where's the chatter? The season has begun, let's get some talk going. Who went to the game? What were your thoughts? Who can't wait till Indiana?

vetteson said...

Yes it's harsh, but that was the worst offense I've seen in 40+ years of UMass football. That offense would not have beaten Central Connecticut or Bryant. Let's hope Molnar now knows what he has to do. The defense, especially defensive line, did well, but was on the field all game. Even then thay gave up only 23 points (certainly less if the offense sustained a few drives).

Anonymous said...

I went to the game and have to say that the Rentschler experience was really good. (If only this could be done in Springfield with state funds, but I know it'll never happen.) As for the game itself, there's no question we were overmatched in size and depth, and can't say I was thrilled with the playcalling. Obvious confusion with players looking to the sidelines for instructions. They just didn't seem ready for the speed of the real game. Then again, for all those who were a little upset with Molnar for his frequent references to "playing a 1A schedule with 1AA players", you've got to admit there's a certain degree of truth to it. There were certainly some great individual performances out there, but the offense has got to come together as a unit or we're in for many long afternoons. As for Indiana, let's get out there to cheer them on and hope that the offense can make some corrections.

Anonymous said...

I'm fired up for the Indiana game, let's put 40,000 in Gillette! Also can't wait to see the marching band!

Anonymous said...

Holding UConn to an average of 3.7 yrds per carry was quite an accomplishment , considering last years average. Two rushing touchdowns and holding them to three field goals shows the line can play. They did appear a little sluggish at the start and that was a concern but they dug their heels in and fought hard. A job well done. As for the offense, what can be said except the obvious. We lost our starting QB who struggled last year but came out of it with lessons learned. We are in the same situation now and facing bigger faster and better teams. Lets help keep the support growing and have a big showing on the eighth.

Anonymous said...

Guys, it is not confusion with players looking to the sideline. That is the offense! Each position looks to a differant coach to get thier assignment for every play. Thats how it works! Second, stop with the 1AA player thing...It is demeaning to the players! There are many 1A caliber players on the roster. The adjustment up is not only for them but for Molnar. Remember he didnt call plays for ND or Cincy! It is new for him as well, and it showed. Give it time! Get out to Gillette sat and root them on!

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear, a no huddle offense is designed to control the tempo of the game as well as disrupt the defense.

Its obvious that much improvement is needed. This is a new system and will take some time to install. Let's be patient!!!