Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday--November 10, 2013

Bryan Vance of Hustle Belt has Week #12 MAC power ratings.

The MAC has five good teams:

  • NIU 9-0
  • Ball State 9-1
  • Toledo 6-3
  • Buffalo 7-2
  • Bowling Green 8-3
After those teams, the league does not much of a middle. Ohio could finish around .500 and the rest are in the bottom 20 of all FBS.


The Audio that got Ron English fired is available.

The Eagles promptly won an overtime game against WMU. The Eagles drew 2,177 fans in Ypsilanti to cement their attendance as the league's worst.


Maine beat Albany to keep the best start in Black Bear history going. Maine's 9-1 start is the best in their 121 years of playing football.


Boston College beat 1-9 New Mexico State.


UConn lost on Friday to run their record to 0-8. Football Scoop has the prognosis for the five remaining winless teams in FBS.

Vanderbilt blew out Florida.

#21 Wisconsin out-muscled BYU.

Kansas State upset Texas Tech. The Cats only need one more victory to be bowl eligible. UMass could again have the unenviable status as a team who played eight bowl teams in one season.

If Central Michigan wins out, it could be nine.



izy1 said...

Jimmy Idehigbo-What the heck were you thinking? On national TV to boot YIKES!

TopUMassFan said...

I agree, izy1, tough to see "old #7" make a mistake of that magnitude.


When the Ravens won in OT, it was James who was the first to embrace the kicker. Classy guy!