Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday--November 15, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane... Mrs Blog and I are back to New Hampshire today. We enjoyed our mini-vacation here in San Diego. Lots to do in sunny Southern California. Gotta ask Todd Bankhead some time if being a native makes the freeway traffic easier to deal with. We get into Manchester early in the AM Saturday and then I've got to turn around and get to Gillette.  Whew! I'll be needing a vacation from the vacation.


Akron finally has their game notes for UMass up.


The Boston Globe says the UMass seniors helped shape the Minutemen program. Galen Clemons introduced the Minutemen team to the White Ribbon Campaign.

UMass football is doing a lot of good things. Hopefully when we'll start winning so those things will be recognized.


Jimmy Kelly of Hustle Belt asks if UMass can beat the Zips again.


Hustle Belt's blogger round-table looks at the MAC's post-season possibilities.


NIU's mascot Diesel, had a highlight moment at Wednesday's game.


SB Nation looks at the Week #12 BCS rankings and has NIU at #15.


USA Today rank at each state in relation to their college football teams. At least we are ahead of Connecticut.


Jeremy Cain signed with the Chicago Bears.


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Todd said...

Being a native only makes it easier because you know when not to get on the freeway. Fortunately my wife and I don't deal with traffic because we travel in the opposite direction of where the traffic is heading for work. We have some great beaches where we live in Encinitas, so all our activities on the weekend are local, and not spent battling the crowds. The San Diego area is paradise in terms of traffic compared to LA, not sure if you went up there, but I wouldn't advise it. Glad you had fun.......the crowds aren't ideal, I blame all you east coasters for flocking out here. There are a ton of UMass people (always welcome) and other transplants that live here.