Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday--November 17, 2013

The stats for yesterday's game were virtually identical as you would expect for a game with a one point differential. Again, the defense played well enough to win again holding Akron to 14 points, the same as last year.

Mistakes lost the game. We had a dropped touchdown catch. We had a weird penalty on a defensive stop near the end of the game. The Minutemen defense created three turnovers and UMass did not capitalize on any of them. The offense was stopped on a critical fourth-and-one. The coaching staff botched a chance to call a time out at the end of the game, although that was moot with the unsportsmanlike penalty call on Anderson.

Nice day though and 10, 599 fans showed up for an all-time season record in UMass attendance.

People were still buying UMass gear at the UMass shop on the way out of game. Now if we could only get some wins to reward them.


UMass write-up.

Matty Vautour says the one point loss was a gut-shot for UMass.

Dan Malone reports UMass drops a one point loss to Akron.

Dan has more on the 15,000+ per game attendance.

Dan talks about how the Minutemen seniors formed a football brotherhood.

The Boston Herald says it was a foul ending.

Two articles on Rob Blanchflower's breaking Milt Morin's TE reception record one from the Worcester Telegram and one from the Sentinel and Enterprise.

The MAC Online says a rare receiving TD by Jawon Chrisholm that won the day for the Zips.

Byron Vance of Hustle Belt says Akron battled back to beat UMass.


Maine beat Rhode Island 41-0 to win its first outright league title since 1965.

UConn lost to SMU.

Kansas State won to become bowl eligible.

#22 Wisconsin rang up 554 yards rushing on Indiana.

Vanderbilt beat Kentucky to also become bowl eligible.



izy1 said...

yeah Frank, can't add much to that.
another needless loss on missed opportunities.
I really believe Molnar NEEDS to go.

Anonymous said...

Another shot in the foot and it was once again self inflicted!!!Fourth and one and we line up in the shot gun and this after burning the clock for precious time then calling a time out. Watching Byrne,Clemons and Potvin standing on the sideline while Akron marched down the field to score the winning touchdown was so frustrating but not as much as it had to be for those linemen. Every first down that Akron achieved during that drive all three would start out to the field and subsequently be held back by Solazzo. These boys came to win and once again the coaching did not. You have a starting corps for a reason, because they are your best, leaving them on the sidelines as these coaches have done so many times during so many games is infuriating and frankly makes it difficult to buy into their ability to lead this program. "Remember Maine" should be U Mass's new slogan!!!!