Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday--November 4, 2013

Dan Malone quoting Bob McGovern says four players have left the UMass program. Only Al Leneus who made a couple of starts last year and Iric Harris who played in two games in 2012 have had much playing time. If they have "family issues" then the door would be open for them to return.


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Dan also has story about Lorenzo Woodley's 164 yard day against NIU.

Jimmy Kelly writing on Hustle Belt says Woodley and Levengood shined in the Minutemen's loss to Northern Illinois.


NIU didn't receive any ratings bump from their win at UMass.

Bryon Vance has Week #11 MAC power rankings.

Our after-the-bye-week opponent Akron had a strong defensive performance against Kent State. The Golden Flashes are probably the MAC team with the biggest skid in performance in 2013. Last year, Kent State was one victory away from a BCS Bowl. This year, the Golden Flashes have a 7 point win over FCS Liberty and one MAC win over Western Michigan.


Keepers College football rankings have Maine a big favorite against Albany and UConn a big underdog to Louisville.



Anonymous said...

The most annoying aspect of watching Umass football this year has been clock management and the obvious confusion of the team on the field.
However, the most serious concern is with the teams morale and relationship with the coach.I think 17 roster player left after his arrival or after his first year and now four more. I'm very worried about this. I can't imagine a satisfying explanation.

Anonymous said...

Players that have left/may leave have been the less talented of the lot, period. They get no playing time and choose to leave because more talented players prevent them from seeing action. 2 more years and this UMass team will have all the naysayers eating crow . Fact not opinion.

Anonymous said...

Clearly some of the departed players left because of lack of playing time. This is an easy explanation. I've talked to a few others who have had different reasons. Fact not opinion. Hopefully all will be well in two more years.

Anonymous said...

There are starters that also left such as Delaire who would have been an impact player this year. So it is not just because of playing time, which would explain some but not all. I know of another starter who contemplated leaving but was convinced to stay, not by the coaching staff but by team mates. I can only imagine what effort the players could have elevated to if they had been motivated properly at the beginning of last season.

izy1 said...

where do you get your facts Mr. Anonymous? No one else seems to have the inside line to your info.