Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday--November 3, 2013

Well, a depleted UMass got smoked by a powerful NIU team yesterday. With our starting QB out, two starting DL out and our best player, Rob Blanchflower out, everybody knew it was going to be tough.

Still there were some positives. UMass drew over 10,000 fans in direct competition with the Red Sox parade.

Brandon Levengood was stellar with four FG's all over 40 yards.

Lorenzo Woodley had 164 yards and 1 TD. He looked like he'll be a future star.

We had some errors. Wegzyn threw an INT to give the Huskies a short field. We had a potential TD catch by Tajae Sharpe hit the ground.

The NIU backups were faster than our starting defense. The Huskies rang up 612 total yards and 354 yards rushing.

So we lost big time, but as one UMass fan reminded me, NIU has been doing that to everybody in the league. This year we scored 16 points and could have been even more competitive if we were at full strength.


Dan Malone has UMass run over by Northern Illinois.

Matty Vautour reports UMass had no answer for Jordan Lynch. Matty also says A.J. Doyle may be out for the last two games of the season...

Dan has an article on the UMass attendance and notes 2 million people went to the Red Sox event.

The Boston Globe UMass overwhelmed early by NIU.

Dan Malone has an article on Brandon Levengood's perfect day.

The Rockford Register says NIU buried UMass.


In the MAC, Toledo beat Eastern Michigan 55-16.

Akron beat Kent State 16-7 for the Zips third win of the season.


Maine won to remain undefeated in the CAA and FCS.



izy1 said...

At least it wasn't a 63-0 shutout, the boys got points up on the board against a very strong team. Levengood, Woodley and Sharpe were stand outs, I agree. All in all, I think the TEAM played a hard game. I give them credit for that. One thing I took away from that game is UMASS play calling is predictable as sin. There is no deviation - pass, run,run and punt (only because the opposing team KNOWS the third down is a run up the middle) and there is no gain in yardage or a first down. Last season all Wegzyn threw were short screen passes. The only problem was ineffective up front blocking to gain the play and typically resulted in loss of yards or turnover. Well this year there is a stronger O-Line, where is the screen pass or a shovel pass? How about running a tandem wide receiver/receiver on a screen? Try a QB sneak? Time to mix it up Molnar-you got nothing to lose. Let the boys bust it up a notch and run some unconventional plays- give the TEAM the chance to experience real football instead of getting their asses beat week after week with the same do nothing plays

Noel E. said...

The only thing uglier than the game was the Umass uniform color combination.

Noel E. said...

The sports world has passed judgment on our beloved Minutemen. NIUE, despite pummeling us 63 - 19, slipped several places in the national polls. What a massive disgrace to our program!