Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saturday--November 9, 2013

Good Morning from Carlsbad, CA. Click on image and blogger displays a larger view.

8:00 AM Carlsbad Beach


Not much UMass football or MAC conference news on the intertubes today with the Minutemen having an off week and the MAC with only one Saturday game.

One game on the MAC Conference schedule today: one win Western Michigan meets one win Eastern Michigan.

Eastern Michigan fired Ron English yesterday. That's the second MAC coach to be released before the season is over.

UPDATE: Coach English may have been fired for "inappropriate" language.


The MAC Report Online has the conference power rankings as of November 7th.


Brandon London, who has been benched recently for low production, looks to erase some bad memories in the CFL playoffs.


I've missed Matty Vautour's coverage of UMass football this fall. It turns out he's been on partial paternity leave to help with his newborn son's treatment at Boston's Children's Hospital.

Mrs Blog and I wish his son a speedy recovery and hope he thrives from now on.

Matt was always friendly and willing to talk to me when I met him at various UMass football functions, and that was a sharp contrast to several other of the "professional' media I had the misfortune to interact with.

Matty is a good man, a good reporter and he'll be a great dad.



Todd Bankhead said...

Welcome to the homeland, we live just south of Carlsbad in Encinitas (really on the border of Encinitas and Carlsbad near La Costa). I surf about a half mile south of where you took those pictures at Ponto and Grandview Beach. Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here, I spent a lot of my time at UMass trying to convince anyone that would listen to move out here.........the weather is the best in the country and you have endless things to do.

Anonymous said...

Can you record a person's voice without their permission in Michigan? A private setting with expectations of privacy. Then to use that as a grounds for termination.
Any Michigan lawyers out there?

Anonymous said...

I hope Solazzo takes heed to the E. Michigan response to abusive and inappropriate language.If ever he was recorded while addressing the defense he would be in the unemployment line. Their is no excuse to behave in such an unprofessional manner especially when you are developing young men.

UMass74 said...


It's our first visit to the area. We're moving down tomorrow to San Diego to see the Zoo, Sea World and the other tourist stuff. However, Carlsbad is a place we definitely would like to return to. Really nice place!

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Todd,

When I saw your name, I knew I had to reply with this comment....

I became a UMass fan in the fall of 1980 when I attended Westfield State. My Grampa and I would spend Saturdays at Alumni Stadium cheer for his Alma Mater. He passed in '88 but I've remained a fan. In '98, you and your teammates gave me a me a memory more dear than the '04 Sox. I went to the home playoff game against Lehigh and listen to static am radio the games from LA. Watched Championship game at Chili's and was just SO proud of you guys! Thanks! No mater what troubles we have now, we always have that National Championship to look upon to say " Our Team was #1!"

Todd said...

TopUMassFan, wow, that means a lot. I certainly know what the Sox mean to you guys, fun to hear that people were following and supporting us. My mom and brother had to catch a lot of the games like you did, listening to a buffering internet feed.

Frank, you probably picked a great day for the zoo and sea world......won't be too crowded for a weekend with the Broncos in town. I was going to say, if you're itching to catch the UMass/BC game, I get NESN.

izy1 said...

nice to see something from "TopUMassFan" in here again.
now we need to hear again from "TopRoww.."
aint heard from you guys in a while, your comments are always insightfull