Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday--November 26, 2013

Keepers College Football ratings has Ohio a 11.87 point favorite over the Minutemen.

Las Vegas has Ohio by anywhere from 14 1/2 to 17.

Dan Malone comments on the odds.

UMass is 121st of 123 FBS teams in scoring offense. The Minutemen average 10.7 points a game. That's 2 points a game lower than the 12.7 points a game the offense scored in 2012.


NIU is ranked #14 on the latest BCS poll.

That puts Northern Illinois ahead of Fresno State for a BCS bowl bid.

The Huskies play the 1-10 Western Michigan Broncos tonight at home.


Central Michigan has two players on the league's player-of-the-week list from last Saturday's waxing of UMass.


Buffalo's Khalil Mack is a finalist for the Butkus Award.


More on the UMMB's trip to play at Macy's Thanksgiving parade by the Hampshire Gazette, Greenfield Recorder and Wicked Local Waltham.


Forty-Two percent of the public (probably male public) would take college football tickets over Thanksgiving dinner.


UMass hoops returns to the Top-25 after 15 years.


BTW, James Madison fired Mickey Matthews.



Adam said...


First, I enjoy the blog and have been lurking for a while but have not posted. I see the comments all saying that Molnar needs to go, and I agree with them, but unfortunately that's not possible due to many reasons, money being the biggest.

However, I know my timing is a little curious with the recent success and Top 25 ranking of the BBall team, but the Football program needs a coach like Kellogg. Preferably and alum or ties to the program, young, adaptable, energetic and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. They would also have to be an impeccable recruiter, something Kellogg has excelled at.

Is there someone out there that fits all those criteria, I don't know? But for this program to move forward and bring back the winning tradition, it starts at the top, AD included. Hopefully the other commenters can offer some suggestions as well.

Anonymous said...

College football begins and ends with recruiting. While everyone is calling for his head, Molnar's next year 2014 is the make or break year. However, his non-conference schedule is brutal, BC, Colorado, Penn State and Vanderbilt. Quite frankly what are they thinking. How do you even hope to be bowl eligible or have a fighting chance with a schedule like that. We will see if this years recruiting class is for real or just a mix of Div AA wanting to be FBS.