Saturday, November 23, 2013

Game Day --- Central Michigan

UPDATE: This is painful. A.J. Doyle has 2 completions and 2 INT's. The Minutemen defense is pretty much on their own.


Both team's relative positions have not changed much since last year. If CMU wins out they are bowl eligible. The MAC probably won't get as many bowl bids as 2012, so Central Michigan probably will not get a bowl bid even if eligible.

The Chippewas were blown out against Michigan (9-59) and North Carolina State (14-48). They have a three point win over New Hampshire (24-21). They have close wins over Western Michigan, Miami and Ohio.

CMU has been without their headliner RB Zirlon Tipton who has played in only four games so far in 2013. He's 38-133 3 TD's in 2013. CMU is a more balanced team this year in offense, but that will change with Tipton back. Even without him, they 4.9 yards a carry to their opponents 3.7. They've been averaging 20 points a game to UMass' 11.7.

Last year, the Minutemen led into the third quarter. CMU took the lead, then A.J.Doyle threw two INT's giving the Chippewas the ball on the UMass 9 and 42 yard line. CMU scored the final 28 points to push a close game into a runaway.

On paper, the two teams are pretty close. I expect the UMass defense to play well again. However, 11.7 points won't win it. If the offense could generate 20 points or so (something they have rarely done), it could be a close game. If not, expect the Minutemen defense to tire in the fourth quarter and another double digit Central Michigan win.

I'll be watching the game on ESPN3 with my UMass gear on. Hope the rest of the UMass nation will too. Go UMass!!!.


The Hampshire Gazette's Mark Chiarelli says the Minutemen look to derail CMU"s bowl bid.

Jimmy Kelley of Hustle Belt predicts a 31-17 Chippewas victory.


Bowling Green vs EMU will be the other MAC ESPN3 game today.


The MAC blogger round table says the dust is starting to settle.


I think winless UConn has a good chance against 1-9 Temple today.


The annual UNH-Maine grudge match will be played today. UNH needs a win to get a at-large birth in the playoffs. If Maine wins they will be 8-0 in CAA play.



Anonymous said...

Really surprised Maine lost to UNH as badly as they did. I hope UNH doesn't make the playoffs with 4 losses; we didn't get in with 4 and neither should they. But they will...just watch.

I have to admit, much of the joy is out of UMass football. I don't mind seeing them lose, but to be un-competitive is heart breaking. Getting back to McQuirk will help. Playing in front of a close to full house will generate some energy.

Remember, at this time of year, we were thinking of playoffs, possible home playoff games and how deep of a run was possible. Those days are gone and that kind of energy is going to hard to replace with games against Akron, CMU and Toledo. However, games against BC, UConn and Syracuse at home or Gillette could be exciting as long as we can compete.

I do think this coaching staff is in over its head and that the should probably leave, en masse.

izy1 said...

Out gunned, out played and out coached. What a pitiful showing that game was.
Week after week, I hold onto hope that UMASS will put it together and have a monster game like they used to have before moving up into the MAC.
I know this is transitional, but I find it hard to believe they get their asses beat to a pulp week after week.
Either the players are really sub par, or the coaching just can't cut it at this level.
Multiple turnovers, a center that muffs time and again, throwing passes into double coverage, no covering the hole and wide open line to hit the QB? I have said it more than once and still the same stupid mistakes are made game after game.
3 and out and unable to convert, every down, same under performing plays over and over.
Unless someone gets their head out of their butt and learns to be a coach, train the team proper or put competent players on the field, this team is doomed to fail and so will the program.
Coaching competence does not even meet high school level and excuses week after week is getting old. It is embarrassing to watch or to try and stay a supporting fan.
Maybe next year the players will step up and new coaching will be in place? I keep hoping ...GO UMASS

mike lee said...

Well said

mike lee said...

Well spoken, but the UMass AD dont have the guts to get rid of these coaches. They are recruiting 2 of my nephews. Neither one will go anywhere near UMass while these coaches are coaching there.

Anonymous said...

We need to find a quarterback, who is a true leader and FBS player. We should have played every quarterback on our roster, they might have done better.

UMass4Life said...

It goes without saying that transitioning a program from FCS to FBS is a difficult, agonizing process. Add on what Morris left and it becomes even harder.

I am very disappointed in this season where we should have had two wins but more importantly should have seen some improvement and some competitiveness in conference play. Not necessarily wins, but competitiveness. We couldn't score 7 today?

I'm not going to say "Fire Molnar" over this season. We can't anyway for a variety of reasons. However there better be improvement in 2014. I just do not have that faith Molnar can figure things out. I did with DK. There was just something there were you said to yourself "Well eventually this is going to work itself out." I don't see it with Coach Molnar. Unfortunately next year will be tough with no QB and a number of contributors leaving to graduation or transfers. We'll see what he can do. Perhaps canning his spread offense is a good first step.

I wish him and the program luck and can't wait to see us back in Amherst. I'm just getting really worried.

Go UMass

Anonymous said...

I agree. The program is pathetic. We were much more respectable when playing Div 1 teams when we were a BCS program. Get rid of the losers and let's move on.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with those who say the excitement is gone. We've gone from excitement to excruciating pain just watching this team play. At the beginning of the season, we were told that the hope for this year would be to see much improved play even if it may not translate to wins. I've seen nothing in the way of improvement that'll lead me to believe we won't get SMOKED by BC to start off next year. There's that NFL saying about how it doesn't matter how you play in September but how you play in December that matters. Here we are at the end of the season and I'm thinking we've gone DOWNHILL! I'm a huge fan, an avid supporter etc., but games like CMU have me shaking my head and really worrying about the future.

Anonymous said...

Without asserting blame, it is clear that this has been the most painful season in recent Umass football memory. It is very difficult watching the Umass offense when they give you no hope of success. I don't know if its coaching or a lack of talent but we did better against 1a opponents when we were 1aa and that is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

I hate to think that Blanchflower and Dima stayed home because their futures were of primary concern over finishing out the last two games of the season. To say they stayed back due to injury is ..well questionable considering how many others played injured today. I hope I am wrong. As for the game, just plain ugly, what more can be said. Give the DLine credit though, they played well, and have for the majority of the season. Going to be difficult to replace Byrne and Clemons. They have been the backbone of the defense.

Anonymous said...

How is this coaching staff going to recruit for this program? What is their track record of a pipeline?
Running a spread offense doesn't work if you don't have the skill positions. At the very least scout some Junior College players who would be ready to step in and play at this level.

Anonymous said...

Players who have talent have barely played due to politics. Only way to win a game is putting your best foot forward, regardless of coaching. These kids are adults now, time to make big boy decisions on the field and recognize when your coach has failed you (two years ago).