Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursday--November 7, 2013

Brendon Levengood received two more weekly honors from ECAC and College Performance Awards.


The MAC has announced an agreement with the San Diego Pointsettia Bowl. The MAC will have some decent cold weather bowls: Bahamas, San Diego, Boca Raton FL. Even the two Alabama bowls will be a better destination than Detroit...

The Pointsettia Bowl's website here.

Out of the 125 FBS coaches in the country, Coach Molnar's compensation ranks 102nd.

USA Today has FBS football coaches contract quirks.


Matty V. says the Minutemen look to finish the season on a high note.

A cut-and-paste from Matty's article on a scrimmage UMass held for redshirts and other players who have not had any game action in 2013. I've added links so you can check bios.

Coach Molnar quotes:

"Running back “Shadrach Abrokwah had a nice game running the football. (New Haven transfer receiver) Ryan Jacobucci, who is ineligible this year, has stepped up in both scrimmages. (Wide receiver) Kevin Lovaincy stepped up and made some plays. Defensively, (linebacker) Peter Ngobidi made a number of great plays. (Defensive back) DuVaughn Beckford made a tremendous play yesterday. You can see they’re going to help us down the road.”


I watched Ball State beat CMU last night to say unbeaten in the MAC.

Midweek football games gives the MAC national exposure, but create attendance problems.

Prediction says NIU and Fresno State are two of six teams likely to remain undefeated. Minutemen fans would hope Fresno State is upset, so as to allow NIU to get a BCS bowl. That would be a financial windfall for the MAC and UMass.

The same website has UMass #120 out of 125 FBS teams.


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