Friday, November 29, 2013

Game Day--Ohio University

UPDATE: This is embarrassing.

UMass closes the season another double-digit underdog. With Blanchflower out, the offense will probably continue to struggle. The Bobcats will put eight in the box and dare UMass to throw the football. If we could avoid turnovers, maybe the defense can keep it close.

Ohio has been in a late season swoon. If the defense could get a couple of turnovers, maybe it will jump start the Minutemen offense. However, the UMass defense did just that against Akron with no results.

I'm not a Black Friday shopping person, so I'll be in front of the computer hoping UMass will win.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and Go UMass!!!


Dan Malone also has a story on the vote of confidence from John McCutcheon.

Hustle Belt says Molnar will return.


The Boston Globe says UMass staggers to the finish line.





vetteson said...

And the QB forces a pass....right into the defender's hands. 21-10. Now Ohio recovers kickoff. Prediction was not off.

Again, no one is getting fired.

Now find a QB

Noel E. said...

Even someone whose glass is perpetually half-full eventually is going to find it hard to drink the Kool-Aid when taking a long, hard look at the University of Massachusetts football team. Boston Globe, Nov. 29, 2013.
One of the rare times I agree with the Globe's commenting on our team.

Anonymous said...

Will be having this conversation next year at this same time about Molnar. Same as we did with Morris. Why let him finish his contract he's won 2 games in 2 years, his recruiting is not good and the team has shown no improvement. Time for umass to get serious about football.

Anonymous said...

Another total disaster. They were blown off the field from the first plays of the game. Again, who the hell is going to want to come to this program? Even if they wanted to play in the MAC they could go to No. Ill., Bowling Green or Buffalo and play in a program that are going to Bowl games. This season was a total disaster in every respect.

izy1 said...

Maybe Molnar and the team should spend the entire winter training in the George M. Parks Center and learn to coach and play football.
I find it hard to believe there can be MASSIVE improvement in this team from spring training to Game 1.