Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recruiting 2014-- Alex Ogle

Image by Hobie Hiler
247 Sports indicates UMass has offered to Alex Ogle, a 6-3 196 pound Pro-style QB from Jensen Beach, FL.

247 Sports bio here. has some stats and video.

Threw for 2,235 yards and 18 TD's in 2013. MaxPreps has Ogle's complete stats.

This article from August features Ogle.

Also has offers from FIU and Florida Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

The absence of comments is deafening! Has everyone lost interest?

Anonymous said...

Not me,I read this blog daily and will be proud to say I stuck with this build up from day one. I respect what the players have done this year, the effort and attitude. Progress is being made, and can't wait for the future. Am I happy with everything? No, but no one ever will be. I am most disappointed by the lack of support ex players have always given to their former team, not just under Coach molnar, but always. Most of the comments on the internet are bomb throwers, while the silent majority understand building up is a slow process. We have endured the most difficult time, with the split schedule next year, things will be looking better. I had a blast at every home game this year!

Anonymous said...

Spoken like someone who have never played a down of football at any level! Im so tired of you people thinking things are going to get better,,,really! what team are you watching? Name me one team in the CAA that this team for sure can beat, just one! There are many D2 teams that will beat this team. There is some talent on this team but ALL of our coaches need to go, every darn one of them! Come on people everyone that read this blog and have been or seen any of our games knows that our coaching staff don't have a clue. Molnar and his staff is much worst than Morris and staff. Those BCS players that he have brought in the past two recruiting classes is no where near the lowly 1AA players that have left the system. Kale Haven was a community college qb before becoming a 1AA qb. Dole is a BCS qb. Anthony Nelson and Marken Machel was 1AA receivers, we have no one on our team of that caliber. Tony Nelson and Johnthan Hernandez both 1AA running backs , no one of their caliber either. Tyler Holmes, Perry Mac, top 1AA linebackers, we have none like that now. Darren Thellen, Kamer Davis, Mike Lee, all 1AA players, we have no talent like that in our secondary. O-line and D-line is the same. My point is not to rag on the new players because they are doing the best they can, my point is Molnar and staff are horrible recruiters and coaches. Do any out there believe that these past two years we could have competed in D-2 and won the national championship? Our team is not gonna get better until we get better coaches.