Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday--December 1st, 2012

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Harry Plumer of MassLive continues his position review from 2012. This time it's the offensive line. Plumer says the OL was an  area of concern this year and likely to be again next year.

I concur and when I do my "What went right and wrong in UMass' first year in FBS series" the offensive line will definitely be in the wrong side of ledger.

In a recruiting note, Coach Molnar says Cameron Mock, a 6-7 305 pound OL from Clayton, NM will join the Minutemen in January 2013. Mock appeared on the 2012 recruiting list, but not on the fall roster. He was First-Team All-State and First Team All-District OL in 2011.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says there will another round of recruiting Penn State players now that the season is over. UMass is mentioned as being active during the first round. Might be an opportunity to pick up a upper class offensive lineman. As in the story above, UMass will receive a bunch of good OL recruits this year, but they'll all be freshmen. A JUCO or fifth-year senior would be a great addition to a very young Minutemen offensive line.


A Bleacher Report article lists Victor Cruz as one of the NFL's 15 "most marketable" players.

The Poughkeepsie Journal says Victor Cruz is looking for a big finish. (fixed link)


I watched the MAC Conference Championship game last night. Good game. Two very solid squads that will represent the MAC in bowl games.

Hustle Belt says BCS or not, smile because it MAC Championship game happened.

North Carolina State is looking at several MAC coaches. bowl, schedule for January 6th,  is looking at the MAC.

The NCAA did not do the MAC any favors when it granted an eligibility waiver to Georgia Tech for a bowl bid.


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prof. said...

Saw Victor in a Chunky soup commercial last night. I guess he's arrived! Good game last night. With all the dizzying movement in and strange additions to conferences, it seems ironic that the MAC is both stable and truly geographical, with the possible exception of us, of course! It was a shrewd move. We'll get there.