Friday, December 21, 2012

Recruiting 2013--Kevin White

Kevin White, a 6-4 210 pound WR from Lackawana JUCO has chosen West Virginia over an offer from UMass.

Story here.

White also received recruiting interest from Texas Tech, Hawaii and Bowling Green.


vetteson said...

Take a look at this stadium. Take away the wrap around endzone seating and some of the trees and it's McGuirk. It's the Rubber Bowl and where Akron played in FCS and for several years, FBS. The Gillette thing was not an "FBS image" decision. It was a flim flam to avoid fixing up McGuirk and sold to the public as a "seating" decision.

Anonymous said...

Donate some money to UMASS foot ball or shut up!! You people who criticize without helping out are the problem.I'm a supporter are you?

Anonymous said...

Have a vision and some leadership and maybe people will get on board. Personally I went to 4 out of 5 home games and donate to the Minuteman Club.

Zach said...

You have no idea what you're talking about. The MAC stipulated that it would only let us into the conference if we played our games at Gillette until we upgraded our press box and facilities at McGuirk. You obviously didn't read a single article about the move when it happened. Do some research before you write something like that. We would not have been invited into the FBS if we didn't play our games at Gillette until we update McGuirk. And we have free rent at Gillette!

You sir are nothing but an uninformed troll.

vetteson said...

I've contributed more than all of you combined over the nearly 40 years I've followed UMass football... Comments?

Let's get McGuirk fixed.

I'm done.

Zach said...

Well Jack Welch, you obviously don't pay much attention to the team you are following and donating to, because you have seemed to miss some pretty important facts about our move to Gillette.