Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday-- December 14th, 2012

It looks like the Big East is going to break up. This could have a big impact on UMass sports depending on if the Minutemen are part of a new super-basketball conference or part of a reduced A10.

Matty V has an article that is behind the pay wall.

Harry Plumer says John McCutcheon refuses to speculate.


The MAC blog Hustle Belt comments on the UMass facility's machinations.

BC Interruption says BC could play UMass at Gillette in 2013. That would solve 2013 attendance worries right there.


The MAC Report online has MAC bowl notes and schedules.


Football Scoop as a video of Neal Brown showing Kentucky recruits his offense.


A Weston High twirler was excited to appear with the UMMB on Band Day at Gillette.


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