Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday--December 2nd 2012

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Taylor Olmstead chooses UConn baseball over UMass football.

Olmstead was a Top-30 Connecticut player.


That didn't take long. Northern Illinois coach Dave Doeren was hired by North Carolina State hours after he won the MAC Championship game.

NIU post about Doreen's leaving.  Kinda disloyal that he's not going to coach the Huskies Bowl game.


Bowl game selection show today at 8:30 pm.


The NY Post says the Big East should change its name. discusses if the Big East basketball schools should form their own league.



Deceased Minnesota fan's funeral will consist of a pizza party and watching the Vikings-Packers game.



Anonymous said...

I disagree on umass recruiting juco kids and taking 5th year transfers. They should be looking to build a program not look for the quick and easy fix. Brown was effective getting d1 transfers that didn't want to sit a year. Morris was a complete joke and trashed the program with kids that can't play. Breed your own kids, I like this years freshman class. They showed improvement and that they are committed to building Something, continue to build with a solid freshman class.

prof. said...

Any transfer would theoretically have to sit out a year unless the student were coming form Penn State (or another team) on NCAA sanctions. Nothing wrong with a transfer, but only if the student can fit in the scheme of what Molnar is trying to accomplish, and for no other reason than presumably the leadership acumen and experience, which this team still lacks. It would seem that Molnar is building a program, but recruiting is hit or miss, and one can't blame everything squarely on a predecessor's record just because it is convenient. Coaching is equally to be blamed, or hopefully, praised.

Anonymous said...

trashed? may want to do some research. Havens, Nelson, Niland, Griffin, Speller...transfers
Try again bud

Anonymous said...

goes back to the old theory, if your so great then why are you transferring? too much baggage with transfers.

Anonymous said...

top umasser...

kansas st is really struggling with their recruiting based off of juco kids, what a terrible idea. doesn't matter how you get a player, matters what you make of them. josh jennings was a prett good juco kid. sadly his injuries cut him a year short. we need our kids to mature. we'll be fine in a couple years. If you didn't think we'd get smacked around a little bit the first few years then you know nothing about football. we have promising guys let's just hope we stay away from tragic injuries and that the coaches development then well. future looks so good so far, just not immediate future.

another reason for juco kids is that most are ready to play immediately and already have size. we are very undersized in places and jucos can bulk you up quick and effectively if you pick the right ones

Anonymous said...

how many playoff appearences did umass make the last 4 years? did I miss something because I go to every home game.

Anonymous said...

from top umasser.....

well we were only eligible for two of them so you definitely missed common sense. the other two years we missed by a game and two games. yes both years we had playoff talent i.e. cruz, horn, miles, ducasse, collier, holmes. etc. recruiting is the bloodline to winning, as of now looks like we are going in the right direction but wont know for sure until 2-3 years

Anonymous said...

Oh you go to every home game at Umass. You must be an expert then. I did not realize that.
Btw I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night, just in case you needed surgery.
Go Umass

izy1 said...

I say give any new recruit a shot at starting. The current O-Line needs work and major improvement badly.
Cut the non-performers regardless of what year they are. Being around in your junior year does not mean you are any good. It just means you are one tad step better than the next guy that's worse and didn't get cut.
Molnar needs to seriously kick it up a notch. You can't just blame the players or look at mediocre talent.If this is the best he can do,then it's time to start taking resumes.
C'mon UMASS-to be honest, you played like crap this year and the coaching didn't deserve any stars either. GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

so umass would have made the playoffs last year if they were eligible. interesting.