Friday, November 30, 2012

Recruiting 2014-- Cameron Polk

Steve Risley image
ESPN reports UMass has offered to Cameron Polk, a 6-2 175 pound WR from Fishers, IN.

ESPN article here.

This article has more on Polk.

Polk's stats here.

Also drawing interest from most of the Big Ten Schools.

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vetteson said...

I agree playing NE FCS teams will double Gillette crowd, maybe triple it so I see the arguement for playing FCS while we are still in Gillette. When and (big) if we return to an updated McGuirk, however, FBS teams will draw good crowds, especially if they are regional (CT,BC, Rutgers etc) and the games will matter (at least to me).As I said before, loosing to Maine or NH will look really really bad and be very irritating.