Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday--December 21st, 2012

Remembering that I'm an amateur astronomer, today is the Winter Solstice. The Sun reaches its farthest south today. This solstice was on December 20th or 21st until the year 1697. Since 1702 its been on the 21st or 22nd. The next solstice on the 20th will be in 2080.

The end of the world Maya Calender thing is based on their belief that the world would end at the end of their largest calendar cycle--- but this year isn't it. The largest Maya calendar cycle was called a "pictun", which does not end until the year 4,772. The calender cycle ending today is called a "Baktun" and will just roll over into the next one. Guy Ottwell has a thousand-word essay in this year's Astronomical Calender. Anyway, the world shows no sign of ending here in Jaffrey...


ESPN looks at the Patriots-Jaguars connections. One connection is Joe Cullen, who is in his third year of coaching the Jags defensive line.


NESN has more, including video, on Victor Cruz's tribute to one of the Connecticut shooting victims.


Ball State will represent the MAC in the Beef O'Brady Bowl tonight at 7:30 EST. Hustle Belt has a preview of the game.

A Sports Illustrated author writes the 2012 rise of the MAC conference was one of his favorite moments of the season.


An ACC blog finds not much to be excited about in the coaching changes at BC except for the hiring of Don Brown.