Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday--December 12th, 2012 image
Three articles on former UMass star Emil Igwenagu being activated to the regular squad for the Eagles.

Matty V's blog appears to have evaded the pay wall so far. Yea! I miss Matty.

Two from

Eagles promote Igwenagu.

Versatile Igwenagu likely to debut vs. Bengals.


The Boston Globe has an article on attendance at Gillette. It escapes me that anyone can draw any conclusions after five games at Gillette. Finances will improve next year as we will receive full guarantees from FBS games and we will also receive more  support from the MAC.

It just takes time to move an FCS program to FBS. To me, the criticism  looks more ideologically driven than anything else.


MassLive has another article on Rob Blanchflower being named as a Captain for the 2013 Minutemen.


Hustle Belt thinks the MAC will prosper again next year.

The MAC is trying to trademark the hash tag #MACaction.

The MAC and the Sum Belt share traits of success.



Will the A10 end up as a basketball super-conference?



Anonymous said...

Who needs enemies,when UMASS has the faculty and staff,with the "Destroy From Within" aproach. UMASS will always stay down in many ways with no loyalty and sense of a common purpose. All the factions just fighting it out for crumbs handed over by the state. No vision, just management by fiscal crisis and union contracts. My guess is most of these naysayers and silent observers purchase no season tickets to any sport. It's no wonder it has taken 12 months to sell 1500 license plates, when no faculty or staff care enough about their school to spend $40 for a set. At most universities you see school spirit and branding, at Umass you see constant infighting and petty controversy,with the only passion seen is when there is an upcoming union contract impasse. BC's motto is ever to excel-what is Umass-Always accept mediocre. I hate BC, but at least they know how to present a positive public face.

prof. said...

Big congrats to Emil!

WKU hired B. Petrino as HC? Would have thought a higher profile job was in the cards, past indiscretions, infidelity, and mendacity notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

After reading the Boston Globe article I'm starting to think the folks at BC are getting a little nervous, especially with the recruiting class Molnar is reeling in.

Anonymous said...

UMass faculty and the rest of those political hacks on campus have short memories, don't they remember how money poured in when the basketball team was extremely successful in the 90's?

Anonymous said...

why would BC care about Umass? we went 1-10 this year in the MAC. I think BC needs to worry about the ACC teams beating them up this year.