Saturday, December 08, 2012

Saturday--December 8th, 2012

Harry Plumer of MassLive has details of the 2013 UMass football season.

What is known so far:

8/31/13: at Wisconsin
9/7/13: v. Maine
9/14/13: at Kansas State
9/21/13: v. Vanderbilt
TBD: v. Northern Illinois
TBD: at Central Michigan
TBD: v. Western Michigan
TBD: at Bowling Green
TBD: v. Akron
TBD: at Buffalo
TBD: v. Miami (Ohio)
TBD: at Ohio

This is a MUCH BETTER schedule than 2012. For one thing, we have an FCS game, which is local and should draw some Maine fans. UMass should get an early win, to keep fan interest up.

In addition, it appears we will have only one late November game at home. November games cut into attendance all over the North. The idea is to host as few as possible. The early part of the schedule is packed again with Wisconsin, Kansas State, Vanderbilt and Northern Illinois. However, we miss Toledo and Kent State. The Minutemen should be competitive with the rest of the schedule.

UMass will still need a couple more recruiting classes to contend with the top level of the MAC, but 2013 looks like an exciting year.

Mrs blog and I are already planning a trip to Madison, WI.


Most college football odds sites such as this one, have MAC teams underdogs in six of the seven bowl games. Only Kent State is a favorite.


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