Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday--December 20th, 2012

Boston College hired former UMass HC Don Brown as its defensive coordinator yesterday.

SB Nation Boston has a story.

So does the Boston Herald.

The Hartford Courant says its a huge blow for the Huskies.

Andrew Porter of the UConn Blog says it sucks.

I don't think this will be too bad for UMass. Boston College recruits a different universe of players than UMass. Brown might have been a bigger recruiting threat at UConn. Still, its not fun seeing Brown in Huskies blue and now as an Eagle.

All we need now is Jimmie Reid as DC for UConn...


UMass and BC will not play each other at Gillette next year. The Eagles opted for 1-11 New Mexico State.


Comcast Sports Philly says injuries have opened the door for Emil Igwenagu.


Mrs Blog and I took in our first UMass hoops game of the season last night and it was a highly entertaining win over Ohio.

The game notes said Jesse Morgan's 35 points was the most since 1970 when Julius Erving scored 38 against BU. It's highly likely that I attended that game too.



Anonymous said...

what is BC interruption's take on the hire of Don Brown?

UMass74 said...

They like it

Anonymous said...

Reid could very well be the DC at UConn. Pasqualoni brought in Reid to the Dolphins when Pasqualoni was the DC at Miami. They coached together for a year at Syracuse prior to that. They know each other well.

Anonymous said...

I liked Don Brown when he was here but he has proved to be very "nomadic" in his search for a better gigs. I don't think its money or stature, he just gets tired of one place and moves on. Check out his history. Don't expecy him to be at BC very long! Tom M '72

Anonymous said...

brown is a total fraud. He would be an FBS head coach right now at Umass if he stayed. Instead he kicked around place to place and will never be a head coach again. Remember he tried to leave us for Yale.

Anonymous said...

brown has already started looking for his next job.

Anonymous said...

yes and would be winning a lot more games than your boy Molnar. Instead we have a tool of a coach.
Go Umass

Anonymous said...

brown is a like a hurricane. He came in and dazzled us and before we knew it he was gone and left us torn to pieces. Program really hasn't recovered since he left. I hope he falls flat on his face at BC.