Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday--December 9th, 2012

CT Post looks at the problems UConn has in attracting higher level recruits. Mentions UMass.

Boise State has made a living on two and three star recruits. UMass will have to do something similar.


The MAC was ranked second eleven conferences in overall selections to the Walter Camp All-Academic Teams.

Central Michigan Life says all MAC conference members, including UMass, will share the the BCS money earned by Northern Illinois' Orange bowl invite.

Meanwhile, Buffalo's new AD looks to improve the Bulls facility and stadium.

Berry Tramel's Blog says if you want to make it in coaching, get to the MAC.


Could Neal Brown be a candidate for HC at Texas Tech?



prof. said...

Neal Brown would be an excellent choice for TTU, but I think Kingsbury at TAM might be on the short list. Would have loved if NB was offered the job at UMass. His time will come. The article on Buffalo's expansion plans is interesting. My concern is that there are no plans for bringing McGuirk out of the mid-twentieth century. It would not reflect well on the University if home games were to be played in front of an ESPN audience. Plans really should be in place now to address improvements-- or a new stadium. For one of the wealthiest states in the nation, it's only further evidence of the legislature's myopic outlook on improving infrastructure. Consider the mess of a campus at UMass Boston or the monstrosity that we call Government Center. A university's stadium is as critical for perception as it is for what, and how, iit serves its community.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice for more help from the state. But let's admit it,UMASS has some of the cheapest alumni in the country. Name me three large alumni gifts to UMASS athletics. People need to step up or stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

Like the anonymous donor who gave $10,000,000 for the new basketball practice facility.