Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recruiting 2014-- Rohan Blackwood

Blackwood #2/ image credit unknown
The Pasco Times reports UMass has offered to Rohan Blackwood, a 6-5 200 pound DE from Brooksville, FL.

The article mentioning Blackwood here.

247Sports page here.

Rivals page here.

Sophomore highlights above.


vetteson said...

I started to write a long comment yesterday about the faculty senate and how they can descend into bombast at times but it is only important to remember that they, the single most oustspoken naysayer about the FBS push, defeated a motion to discuss rescinding the decision to upgrade.

Anonymous said...

on that idea. When is Umass going to fire and replace every person inovolved with the website. It is by far the biggest disgrace in college athletics. no information ever, horrible coverage, how hard is it to take pictures???? No dedication by so many faculty at UMASS, I wish they would fire all of them. Just a bunch of hacks collecting a check in the union and sitting on a pension. Seriously I hope people that work for umass read this blog. Get off your butt and support the move to FBS, its your school!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to know what The Friends of UMass Football are doing?

Anonymous said...

NOTHING!!! So sad.