Monday, November 26, 2012

Recruiting 2013--Noah Robinson

Image credit unknown says UMass is interested in Noah Robinson, a 6-4 215 pound OLB from Worcester, MA.

Robinson's Rivals page here.

Robinson had an excellent 2012 season for Doherty.

2011 highlight video above.

Also drawing interest from UConn, BC, Tennessee, Purdue and Penn State.


vetteson said...

Everyone wants to put issues to bed.

First year pretty much as expected, definite progress towards end.

2-3 years to reach .500, need more depth, experience, and skill.

AD, come out from the shadows and start working on McQuirk.

Molnar was not fired from ND. '11 stats vs. '12 stats - fewer points scored during '12, but much fewer against, defense, not offense, improved, everyone has stated it.

Get Maine off '13 schedule.

TopUMassFan said...

I like your comments Vetteson with the exception of the one about Maine. I for one like traditions and I hope UMass will bring back their old Yankee Conference opponents from time to time.

I do not think Molnar was fired; I believe ND gave him the chance to become a Head Coach.

If you look at all the stats for the MAC this year, UMass appears to have done better than their record shows (not in all catagories but in many).

I want news of stadium up-grades or plans for new stadium to come in this off-season. As much as I like Gillette, I want the home for UMass football to be on-campus or near by. Gillette should be a temporary fix.

The Ohio game was exciting and combined with win vs. Akron and second-half losses to Buffalo and Central Michigan, we were competitive in many of our games.

As much as the "trolls" may like to disagree, we are FBS to stay and will be competing for a MAC title by the time the last of this years squad play their final game for UMass.

prof. said...

Thank you to the seniors and to all the players for your great effort this season: you are all stalwarts and headed for great things in life. It's been a long time coming, and each of you made autumn a very exciting time. You have paved the way for all future student athletes of our great university. Be proud of yourselves. Thank you!