Friday, November 23, 2012

Game Day-- Central Michigan

The last game of UMass' inaugural season will be played today against the Chippewas. Why isn't that politically incorrect? That's got to be the last Indian nickname in the football universe. The weather looks to be good. Sunny by afternoon and in the mid-50's.

It would be nice to get some good offensive line play today and make this a UMass win. CMU needs this game to be in consideration for a bowl. Winning would give the Minutemen something to build on during the off season.

I'll be there as usual. Hope a lot of UMass fans will avoid the Black Friday madness and come to cheer for the Minutemen.

Go UMass!!


Matty V. has a story about Darren Thellen and the 15 other seniors who will be playing their last game for the Minutemen today.

The seniors are Darren Thellen, D.J. Adeoba, Tim Brandt , Chris Burns, Julian Colarusso, Michael Cox, Perry McIntyre, Stephane Milhim, Quinton Sales, Ian Shultis, Nick Speller, Chaz Thompson, Deion Walker, Alan Williams and Hafis Williams.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has the half-payment status of UMass in 2011 and low attendance will cause a financial shortfall this year. Our "provisional" FBS status allows teams to play us less that the regular guarantees given to FBS teams. This will be the only year that happens. Revenue should be up in 2013 and following years.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has UMass hoping for an end of 2012 season win.

The Herald,com says Perry McIntyre and the Minutemen tackle the last game of the 2012 season.

Central Michigan Life says CMU needs this game to be bowl eligible.

The Moring Sun says CMU's bowl eligibility is on the line.


NBC Sports says the Big East may vote to disband.

The Associated Press says UConn or Louisville may be the next to leave.


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