Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday--November 11th, 2012

 "I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed by so many men before.” -- Coach Molnar, after yesterday's game.

Maybe not up there with Churchill's quote, but the Minutemen broke through for their first MAC win and their first win over a FBS team since we defeated Ball State 26-10 on September 1st, 1984 (I was there).

The Minutemen defense was tremendous all day. The defense forced a fumble and had four INT's. The Zips went 4-12 in third down situations and 0-1 on fourth. The UMass defense has battled all year. Except for teams who have Heisman-quality dual threat QB's, the defense has been very creditable. That sometimes did not show up in the score. Against Vanderbilt, a team with "SEC speed" the defense lost 35-7 and one of those scores was a short field. When UMass rushed four linemen, the Minutemen got pressure all day. Walk-on Joe Colton was a force with a blocked punt and an INT.

Special teams. It seems a long time ago, but remember we were at or near the bottom of the CAA in kicking and punting in 2011. We lost to New Hampshire on two missed extra points and a missed field goal. Blake Lucas was flawless and Colter Johnson was a major weapon in yesterday's win.

The offense line didn't dominate, but neither were they a liability. I was watching the BC-Notre Dame game last night and the Irish OL had played every game in the season so far. Hopefully, the Minutemen's offense line will not be shuffled around and continue to take it up a notch.

The offense survived some really mediocre QB play. Liam Coen would have beat the Zips 45-14. QB is one position UMass has not had a lot of improvement.


UMass write-up on the game.

Matty V. has UMass gets first FBS win.

Harry Plumer of MassLive has UMass gets first FBS win with 22-14 victory over Akron. said UMass earns its first MAC win.


USA Today says the MAC has made a name for itself.

NIU awaits its bowl bid.

Next week's opponent Buffalo won their second in a row.

The Buffalo News says (last paragraph) the Buffs should get their third win over lowly UMass next week.



izy1 said...

I had to work and missed the one game they win. CONGRATS UMASS!Awesome Win.

prof. said...

The defense has played well, and at times exceptionally so, throughout most of the season, but it is impossible to ask any more from them and not ask the offense to sustain drives, at the very least to give Blake Lucas a shot at three. Good assessment of the game. Massachusetts boys, especially, made a difference. Offense still has yet to find a rythym, and that concerns me. Good win, well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

that's one more game then Kevin Morris would have won this year. Congrats to Coach Molnar. Hopefully the start of something to come.

Anonymous said...

Aww Woody, learn how to spell!