Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday--November 27th, 2012

Shortly I'm going start a series on what went right and wrong in 2012 as well as looking at recruiting needs. There's a lot to cover and talk about.


Matty V has an article on Coach Molnar planning for the future. The article talks about recruiting and transfers in and out.


Stephen Sellner of the UMass Daily Collegian says don't judge UMass football future by this season.


Fox Sports previews Friday's MAC Conference Championship game between Kent State and NIU.

More on the MAC Championship game.

WBIR has this week's MAC Conference news and notes.

Hustle Belt has this week's MAC power ratings. The writer says UMass had CMU fans worried until we threw two INT's in three offensive plays.

Central Michigan's Zurlon Tipton was named MAC West Division Player-of-the-Week for his 175 yard 4 TD performance against UMass. Tipton averaged 7.2 yards/carry against the Minutemen.


BC Interruption has possible names for the Eagles new coach.

Eagle in Atlanta looks at five coaches from the MAC as possible fits for Boston College.

Three Boston College verbals remain committed to the Eagles.

One verbal will wait and see.


NJ.com says it was a tough week for the Big East Commissioner.

BTW, the MAC finished ahead of the Big East in power rankings.



vetteson said...

Someone said earlier, probably a nom-de-none contributor, that Molnar was fired.

I like Maine as well, part of my family is from Maine, and my dad was BS, MS Chem. Engin., "Fill the steins to dear old Maine...". But - a game against FCS team will mean nothing. We're supposed to beat them now, but a win won't mean anything, really. If we loose, then an ugly L and lost money.

TopUMassFan said...

To Vetteson, not to butt heads personally but here's why I keep Maine on the schedule.

1) When we we 1-as or FCS, we appreciated those teams that were 1-a or FBS that put us on their schedule. Now it is our turn to return the favor. Now it is our turn to let David take a shot at Goliath (not that we're that big and strong).

2) A game against Maine, UNH, URI or Delaware might put more people in the stands than a game against another Indiana. Plus, we might win.

I'm not saying we do this every year but let's try to stay connected to our roots, somewhat. Don't you think a game against UNH or Delaware would fill the lower bowl up at Gillette?

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Top, I agree with your assessment. We need to excite whatever fan base that's out there. Attendance was poor this season and I'm having a hard time understanding our decision to abandoned our Western Mass fans that supported our program, good or bad.

I'm no mathematical expert, but I do know that an empty stadium makes no money. We need to offer some serious incentives next year to gain back the trust of those fans that where considered insignificant, and instead decided to put our hopes in the hands of the potential 100,000 alumni currently residing in the Boston area that never attended a game while enrolled at Amherst. Just saying!!!!!