Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday--November 21st, 2012

Matty V. says UMass is motivated to send the seniors out with a win.

Matty also reports UMass could have a Big East decision in its future. Matty points out, as did Mike Paquette in the comments yesterday, if Cincinnati and Louisville leave the Big East, the MAC would be a better football conference. Navy and Temple would be attractive opponents for UMass football, but the rest of the Big East would feature high travel costs and not much name recognition.

 The revised A10 would also be a better hoops league if the Catholic basketball schools split from the Big East.

The Times-Herald looks at Rutgers leaving the Big East.


Speaking of Mike Paquette he has a new essay over at Hustle Belt on UMass is learning to win.


Harry Plumer of MassLive reports UMass will face another physical running back in Central Michigan's Zurlon Tipton. Tipton's CM bio here. Besides having a great name, Tipton is 6-1 219.

CBS Boston has UMass gearing up for Friday's game with Central Michigan.


CMU has its game notes for UMass up.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer interviews the MAC's Jon Steinbrecher on the new BCS bowl arrangement.

Relevant quote:"I can't go into specific numbers, but it will be a lot more revenue for our conference and a lot more revenue for our member institutions. I'll just leave it at it's very, very significant. It's night and day."


Football fans, we're different from other folks:

 Obituary blames man's death on the play of the Kansas City Chiefs.



Anonymous said...

Do not go into the Big East it is a geographic nightmare! Sit tight the Big Ten will call eventually, UMass has all the intangibles they are looking for and they need the Boston market.

prof. said...

I hope everyone in the UMass family has a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to brine your turkeys. I will have plenty of leftovers so please feel free to stop by my tailgate for a beer before we kick some Chippewa ass.

Gregg Clements
CL 7, Seats 13-16

prof. said...

Rutgers is going to be an attractive draw for Massachusetts athletes looking to play close to home and in the Big Ten.

izy1 said...

Happy Turkey Day to all
Go UMASS, give Central Michigan a good run