Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday-- November 18th, 2012

I write these comments before I read the media articles on the game. I'm trying to give my own impressions of what went on.

One win and I'm disappointed when we're competitive and don't win the game :)

I was listening to the Boston College-VA Tech feed on the way down to Gillette. The BC announcers were marveling on how much offensive talent the Hokies had lost to graduation this year. It was so bad that VA Tech was forced to start a true freshman for the first time in seven years. You're a better mathematician than I if you can compute the number of true freshmen UMass has started this year.

Again the Minutemen defense played well enough to win. They wore down in the fourth quarter, but until then the defense again battled all game. You really can't expect to win games 12-0.

The offense again had BIG trouble running the ball. UMass had only 49 yards rushing and most of that was Wegzyn scrambling. That's 1.4 yards a carry. Buffalo racked up 8 sacks and during the last two offensive series by UMass, we were unable to block a three-man rush...

The sequence that turned everything around was when Wegzyn threw that INT in the third quarter. The UMass defense responded with an INT of their own, but the offense went 3-and-out followed by the punt block for the touchdown. After that, it was all Buffalo.

Beautiful day though. Even after subtracting 3,000 for the bands UMass had over 9,000 for a November game.


UMass write-up with note, quotes and box score here.

Matty V. says again, UMass was again playing with a makeshift offensive line. That probably explains the running game futility. says UMass loses to Buffalo.

The Worcester Telegram said UMass collapses.

The Buffalo News said Bulls QB Licata leads Buffalo to the win.


Results for all the MAC games yesterday.

Western Michigan fired HC Bill Cubit.


Misery-loves-company Dept:

#1 Kansas State lost.

#2 Oregon lost.

Boston College lost.



TopUMassFan said...

The lack of a run game truly hurt yesterday. Too many times we were facing 3rd and long and needed a catch or a timely flag to help us out. A better running attack could have taken some of the pressure off Wegs and also helped sustain drives and eat more clock.

Band Day was awesome as always and the fireworks were nice...both would be better in September or October when more people like to sit outside. I thought more would attend the game after last week's win but no. I believe next year we may have some games during the work-week, fewer people will attend those games (IMO). I think wins will be more plentiful next year so maybe that will bring the masses out to Gillette.

I attended my first UMass game in September 80 and have never attended a season where I didn't see atleast one win so I ask the Gods of the Gridiron to be kind and look favorably on us next week against the Chippewas.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, we were competitive in almost every single game despite Molnar being left with a bare cupboard. Obviously Molnar and his staff are excellent recruiters i.e., had only 2 months and still was able to bring in some solid recruits.According to a publication his current group of commitments ranks 4 or 5th in the MAC. I think we will see a major improvement next year!

Gregg Clements said...

I thought we played real well. Branchflower is a heck of a TE. I wished we would have used him in the 1st qtr. when we were on the goal line. We got pushed around in the 4th qtr and that was the difference. Great effort overall. We'll be winning these games in 2 years and making plans to go to a bowl. No doubt in my mind. The band was terrific as usual and the crowd was into the game. Great day of football.

Gregg Clements
CL 7, seats 13-16

UMass74 said...

No zero win seasons at McGuirk since 1965. However, UMass usually played one "safety" school DII AIC or a non-scholarship FCS team each year. We did not do that this year. Indiana was the first BCS team to play at UMass thirty years (Boston College 1982).

One win seasons at McGuirk in 1968, 1967, 1991, 1997.

One win seasons overall (modern era starting 1947 when UMass joined Yankee conference): 1953 and 1957.

UMass74 said...

Lets try the one-win seasons at McGuirk again (comments are not editable):

1968, 1976, 1991 and 1997.

TopUMassFan said...

Thanks, Frank, for your historical stats; I didn't think I had witnessed an "0 for". I agree, Molnar has done a very good job considering what he was handed. Blanchflower is a definate weapon and the Freshmen have performed admirably. A brighter day awaits on the horizon!

Still hoping for victory next week.

Chris Dowling said...

The continued bare copboard comments are not only insulting to our kids but flat out wrong and growing old. Know what you are talking about before you keep using that excuse! If you would like Ill be happy to go through each kid and thier recruiting ratings before they came to UMass!

izy1 said...

I thought they played a good game until the 3rd. Disturbing that they keep wanting to hand off and run up the middle for 0 yards, loss of, or at best a short carry. Wegzyn needs to start getting the ball down field in the air.Short screen passes do not win ball games. Blachflower is good and quick.
No one expected a stellar Season 1, but they need to do something with the offense talent currently playing.

TopUMassFan said...

@Chris. No disrespect intended towards any player already on the team. My point is that compared to our opposition, we have fewer true stars and are thinner depth-wise. I agree we had quality players on the team and I am not questioning the heart of any of our players. The cupboard wasn't bare, just less-full than our opposition.

Anonymous said...

TopUmassFan own up to what you said, it was disrespectful. What you fail to realize is the"cupboard is bare" comments isnt a smart thing to say. In division 1AA you have 63 scholarships, Div 1A there is 85. So everyone saying we are young and we dont have the players on the team now look what Morris has left us..its really a dumb comment. Its very insulting to players now and honestly you should realize when you need to fill over 20 new scholarships that yes FRESHMAN will play. So if you add the players leaving in the last year plus this year and filling in the difference to be Div1A....the team will turn over by almost 50% next year. Yes thats significant but thats how it works transitioning.
So yes TopFan, there is depth issues compared to other teams, instead you get fed a bill of goods each week (and believe it) of how the team is so young and cant compete and doesnt have the talent, etc...
Two things I will leave you with. We are losing a lot more players then you realize from this years team and I think we should let Mr Dowling talk. I think he would have a lot more to say I bet than just the talent on team.
Atleast I will give Izzy props that most of the time he keeps it real. He doesnt get sandbagged each week by... we are playing freshman, or we are 1 player away, or if that one player made the block, if the one player didnt drop the ball, look what ive been left, look at the facilities, the sun was to bright, its Morris's fault....blah blah. All excuses. Just play football. We are what are record is 1-10.
Molnar is what his record is 1-10.

Anonymous said...

Lets also start looking at the coaching... Molnar was frozen at times when plays needed to be called, assistant had to step in and make the call ( and not the first time this has occurred). Basic defensive schemes used are frustrating the front seven.. Going head on against a big line will wear you down no matter how long your offense stays on the field. TopUmassFan.. I welcome your blind faith response to these statements..

TopUMassFan said...

@Anonymous. You asked for it, you got it!

First of all, read my statement. "Molnar has done a very good job considering what he was handed." What was he handed? A team with fewer scholarship players, a team that lost most of its run game and receiving unit and a short window to recruit for this year's team. I'm aware of all that but that is what he was handed.

I NEVER questioned the heart or determination of any one on this team. The Ohio game was fantastic and my comments after that game said as much. I agree Molnar has made mistakes and at times the no-huddle offense hasn't worked as planned. Remember, he's a first time head coach, we need to cut him some slack too. I will say this about Molnar: From what I've seen, he is paying attention to the game. That's more than I can say for the last guy.

I thought this team could get 2 or 3 wins this year. We have a chance to get 2 and I hope we do. If we don't, I won't be terribly disappointed. Will you be, anonymous?

TopUMassFan said...

BTW, "Anonymous", I'm not the one that made the "bare cupboard" comment. Someone named "anonymous" was.

Anonymous said...

You can explain all you want, but you can not change what you said, as was evident in others remarks in responding to your post..

Anonymous said...

That cupboard bare remark was not directed at you Top Fann.. But the blind faith was.. Just trying stir up some chatter.. Too little input this season...From All..