Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday--November 9th, 2012

UMass game notes for the Akron game.

Terry Bowden's weekly press conference (video).


Matty V. has a story about UMass Safety Ed St Vil returning to the secondary. St Vil's UMass bio. says winless UMass is scraping bottom. But read the last sentence of the article.

Harry Plumer has week #11 of UMass' opponent campus report.

Plumer also has the two-deep for Saturday's game.

Mike Paquette of Hustle Belt wonders what the Minutemen are doing wrong.


The MAC conference West comes down to Toledo and Northern Illinois.


Matty V. looks at the UMass basketball OOC schedule, which includes four MAC conference games. Two are pretty good teams and two aren't .


The Wall Street Journal says the Giants are sending Victor Cruz --- less long.

Ryan Clark said Cruz backed off after absorbing a big hit.

Victor Cruz and Jeromy Miles get reunited this Sunday.


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