Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday--November 24th, 2012

UMass Seniors
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UMass was once again competitive for two quarters and faded in the second half after a raft of interceptions.

If you were not at the game, you may have missed the size differential between CMU and the UMass defense. Those guys were huge!  UMass defense---Central Michigan Offense.

Coach Molnar still has a lot of recruiting to do.


UMass Athletic Dept website write-up.

Matty V. has UMass loses in final game.

A.J. Doyle "OK" in his first start.

MassLive says UMass closes with a loss to Central Michigan.

The UMass Daily Collegian said it was a disappointing end to a difficult season.

MassLive said Minutemen seniors had an emotional goodbye.


MassLive says if the Big East comes calling, UMass should just say no.


MAC final week results.



Anonymous said...

I have looked at the defensive rosters of many of our opponents and haven't seen a difference in there size to ours.. So what did your comment mean.. Our defensive line was not pushed around,, As usual our achilles heal was the passing game, yes some big runs but usually when starters were on the side line.

Anonymous said...

Great article by Ron Chimelis, he and I have butted heads philosophically in the past over UMass football, but this time he's dead on. UMass should sit tight in a very competitive and up in coming MAC and continue to build. If UMass is successful the Big Ten will be calling within 3-5 years. Don't forget Bob Kraft has a lot of pull, you think he'd like to see Ohio State and Michigan come to Gillette?

izy1 said...

First half was some good ball by UMASS.
Took a little while for the defense to get in the groove and they gave up yardage and points early. They faded to dust in the 3rd.
Doyle has a good arm and needs more game time.I think he is the better QB for the team. He didn't get rattled when rushed and kept his eyes down field. He threw some long balls (could have been game changers),unfortunately not caught.
Blanchflower once again was good and fast.
Cox played real well, made some decent carries.
To bad on the INT's, UMASS maybe could have pulled it off.
All in all, an improvement from the last few games. Next year will be better. GO UMASS

Anonymous said...

6300 people at the game? Cmon umass fans that's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Agree on AJ Doyle he looked to be a leader in control.Not bad for a true freshman in his 1st start. I can't believe I had to read "Smokey the Vol" taking shots at him on another board. please keep your biased opinions to yourself- we know where your loyalty is. Just remember it's us against them,not us against us!!

Anonymous said...

If this move to FBS doesn't work it will be on the alumni that as of right now have been absolutely pathetic. The team and band have been extremely entertaining. We have one of the best venues in college football, not only for UMass but for opposing fans to come and visit. I held off buying season tickets, but I'm in for 4 next season! C'mon man!

Anonymous said...

In response to: "If this move to FBS..."- You've said a mouthful. It's worth the price of admission for the tailgating and the band alone. Anything resembling well-played football these first couple of years is just a bonus, and there was actually quite a bit of it seen by those who actually showed up. They WILL turn this into a great MAC program. As for Gillette, the experience is unbeatable.