Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday--November 4th, 2012

The UMass-NIU game played out the way the pundits predicted. The Minutemen were no match for the Huskies. That said, UMass could have played better. UMass dropped passes that would have sustained drives. We dropped an interception that would have saved a NIU touchdown. The defense didn't wrap up on numerous tackles that led to long Husky gains. A couple of fumbles stopped a UMass drive and set up the Huskies for an easy score.

Perhaps the long season and the schedule (all those road games) have made an impact on the struggling Minutemen. I think UMass needs to have something positive happen. It's just very tough when there is no positive reinforcement for the players.

As I said yesterday, UMass has played some very good teams this year. I watched Vanderbilt beat Kentucky (an established SEC team with full FBS scholarships) 40-0, a score not far from UMass' results. NIU is one of the best teams in the country. It's another argument for FBS playoffs because BCS teams will be able to avoid Northern Illinois in bowl games. The Huskies would send some big name teams home in a FCS-style 16 game playoff.

And a big Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot to the NIU community for a 11,114 attendance for a 9-1 team!


Northern Illinois' write-up here.

UMass' write-up here .

Matty V. said UMass continued to struggle.

MassLive said UMass got thumped.

The Chicago Tribune said NIU mauled UMass. said UMass was routed.


Misery loves company Dept: New England football continues have a brutal year.

Boston College fell to 2-7. The Eagles are officially non-bowl eligible.

And UConn is in the basement of the Big East.



prof. said...

At least we didn't schedule Oregon for ooc.

Little doubt this season is a baptism of sorts. And with so many true freshmen on the field, the investment should begin to pay dividends in the future. When is anyone's guess, but this season-long initiation will hopefully galvanize the team and provide a shared and common strength, but only after good high school players mature into athletes who have experience and perspective. It's gonna be fun when this team starts to play with an eye on the prize. It's a three-year project. Hang in there. Go UMass.

izy1 said...

Sure is hard to stay positive when they go down in flames like the Hindenburg game after game. 0-63??? That's a big effing ouch.
Go UMASS (just once this year would be nice)

TopUMassFan said...

I agree with the Prof., it will be a different team next year. I still think we have two wins in us this year, next week and one of the two remaining home games.

The MAC has had an outstanding year and we couldn't have picked a worse year to make this move if we had tried. Thankfully BC and UConn have had off years so our season hasn't stuck out so bad.

I really do believe next season will be a new dawn for UMass football. Coach Molnar will have a season under his belt and will have a better idea of just where the team is. The off-season may seem long but LOI day is just down the road. Then the Spring game and soon after, summer camp. Hang in, UMass fans, 2013 is going to be better year!