Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday--November 29th, 2012

Perry McIntyre, Darren Thellen, and Colter Johnson made the 1st, 2nd, and third string All-MAC team respectively.

McIntyre finished with 61 UT 74 AT 132 TT 7.5-24 TFL 3.0-14 SACKS 4 BU 4 PD.

Thellen finished 2nd on the team in defensive statistics: 45 UT 34 AT 79 TT 1.0-2 TFL 3-84 INT 3 BU 6 PD 1 FF.

Johnson finished 64-2803 YARDS 43.8 AVE 66 LONG 5 TB 7 FC 16 I20 19 50+


UMass finished second-to-last in the All-MAC standings. We were better than hapless Akron and close to Buffalo and Miami (Ohio).

MAC Report Online covers the entire All-MAC slate.

Joe Colton was awarded a scholarship. Colton finished 6th in defensive statistics: 11-2 GP-GS 27 UT 22 AT 49 TT 1.0-2 TFL 1-16 INT 2 PU 2 PD 2 FF 1 BLKD KICK.

MassLive also has a story about Colton and his efforts for the Minutemen.


Click on image for larger view.

Harry Plumer of MassLive looks at the status of the Minutemen's linebacking corps and says the question is in the middle.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says when Temple and the other new Big East basketball schools become full members of the Big East this July, they will have the numbers to vote for Big East basketball to dissolve if they want to.

The Washington Post says UConn got left behind again.

Navy, however, remains committed.



prof. said...

Consider moving Stanley Andre from DE to MIC? He'd fill the gap well (ptp).

prof. said...

AFCA All-America team announced:

UMass74 said...

Prof's link from above

Anonymous said...

what about Tom Brandt,3rd leading tackler on team after michigan game,then because he was upper classmen did not play rest of season.

Anonymous said...

very slow, most tackles took place 8 yards downfield,good special teams player.