Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday--November 25th, 2012

The Boston Herald says UMass football set a sturdy foundation. The Herald reports UMass played 30 freshmen or redshirt freshmen and 17 started at various times. The experience should help in future years.


Harry Plumer of MassLive reports several Minutemen players had career days against CMU. Rob Blancheflower had 10 catches for 100 yards. Jovan Santos-Knox and Khary Bailey-Smith both set career highs in tackles.

Perry McIntyre entered the UMass record book with career totals of 354 TT and 204 AT.


  1. 411.5 Khari Samual 1995-98
  2. 404.0 Kole Ayi 1997-00
  3. 394.0 John McKeown 1985-89
  4. 365.0 Vito Perrone 1984-87
  5. 361.0 Tyler Holmes 2008-11
  6. 360.0 Jason Hatchell 2004-2007
  7. 354.0 Perry McIntyre 2009-12
  8. 307.5 Jeremy Cain 1999-03
  1. 298 John McKeown 1985-88
  2. 227 George Karelas 1987-89
  3. 206 Jason Hatchell 2003-07
  4. 204 Perry McIntyre 2009-12
  5. 199 Vito Perrone 1984-87
TT Season
  1. 140.5 Kole Ayi 1998 (13 games)
  2. 136.5 Khari Samuel 1998 (13 games)
  3. 132.0 Perry McIntyre 2012 (12 games)
Colter Johnson's 43.8 yards/punt was good for 2nd place on the all-time single season record book.

Single season punting average
  1. 45.22 Brett Arnold 2008
  2. 43.8 Colter Johnson 2012
  3. 43.02 CJ Koegal 2005

Matt Sussman of Hustle Belt has a recap of Friday's league games.

If NIU wins another MAC championship, could the Huskies get assigned a non tie-in bowl?



Anonymous said...

The continuing comments on having to play with 1aa players is getting old! Now he blames also the last staff and lack of fundementals taught by the last staff! Come on, take responsibility and be a leader! Not once has he accepted any of the blame! How about someone looking into the 12 concussions that starting players got in practice this year? When someone has the guts to look into what has gone on there it will be eye opening! Worse than Mike Leetch at Texas Tech! What if a player stood at a press conferance and said we just have to wait for our coach to gain some experience as a head coach? Be a man! Man up!

Anonymous said...

The comments by mccutcheon and molnar feel like everything is going well. This team consistently got their butts kicked in the 2nd half of virtually every game this year. And saying they need to hit the weight room more is only one of multiple problems with this team. Add to that this is the only team in the country playing their home games almost 2 hours from campus - with some pathetic attendance numbers- and the fact that amherst itself is not football territory- and you have the recipe for a very short lived experiment on the upper tier level of college football

Anonymous said...

George Bush screwed up the economy so bad that Obama is still having trouble fixing it, so it's reasonable that Molnar can blame the previous administration for one season.

Anonymous said...

How about ND fired Molnar and we pick him up? One year later ND is playing for the national title. As a umass fan that concerns me a lot.

UMass74 said...

The Trolls come out Sunday night :)

prof. said...

Frank, here is the link to aggregate statistics for the MAC.

Big congratulations to Colter for leading the league in punting, and to Perry, who was second in the league in tackles. Great job! Go UMass!

UMass74 said...

Prof's link from above

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the ignorance of some people that write on these blogs. #1 there is no FBS if it wasn't for the use of Gillette, #2 no one expected this team to win more than 1 or 2 games. Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Get your facts right. Molar was never fired from ND. Your ignorance and accusations are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It is true the last staff did not elevate fundamentals to the level necessary to move onward and upward but neither did this staff..I bet you that some of the assistant coaches will not be here for next season..As for strength and conditioning, that staff should have been replaced over four years ago...Ask the players when not in ear shot of coaches or camera..As for the comment on concussions, you are right on.. Doing Oklahoma s before a game, how ridiculous, UConn was laughing at our players during warm up. And yes these players could not come out and speak the truth.. Hello Penn State...Defense was always frustrated about the defensive schemes or lack there of. Molnar spoke of tiring in the second half, well maybe he should have known better to not be constantly holding contact practices day in and day out all season long.. TopFann disagreed but the line was much lighter than their bios stated.. I know ,so don't argue...