Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday--February 11th, 2011

Matty V. has a story on Coach Molnar's compensation package. It seems right in line with other MAC HC packages. Interesting is the fact that there were 120 FBS teams last year and 50 of them payed their coach $1 million or more.


Athlon Sports looks at the new head coaching hires (including Coach Molnar), in 2012.


Jeff Thomas mentions a $500,000 donation to UMass football, plus the reason that UMass has not published its assistant coaching hires.


Victor Cruz is meeting with publishers about a book deal.


Boston College loses a pair of assistant coaches to Temple and Rutgers.


Arizona State's president is pushing for an eight team college football playoff.


The Super Bowl riveted NY Giants fans to their seats during the close fought contest. After Brady's Hail Mary throw was batted down, the NY water system recorded one of the greatest flushes in the city's history. The level of the city's reservoir dropped two inches.



UMass73 said...

Speaking of coaches compensation packages, according to an article in todays Boston Globe a former coach and a current coach at Umass are amongst the highest paid state employees in Mass. Former football coach Kevin Morris made $664,446.00 in 2011 making him the 3rd highest paid state employee. Obviously his base salary plus his two year buyout. Basketball coach Derek Kellogg made $520,845.00 in 2011 making him the 7th highest paid state employee in Mass.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Morris certainly had the golden parachute.

Anonymous said...

Nice buyout for Morris. Glad my tax dollars went to that. What other coaches got buyouts?

Anonymous said...

The Jeff Thomas link is not working.

UMass74 said...