Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday--February 13, 2012

Victor Cruz says Mario Manningham's super catch was not drawn up that way.


NFL Draft Geek has Emil Igwenagu #3 in his fullback rankings.

NFL Draft Scout has Igwenagu as #2.

NFL Draft Scout's Julian Talley page.

NFL Draft Scout's Tyler Holmes page.


Victor was also at the Grammy's. The recent death of Whitney Houston was a sad thing.

I saw this link about the deaths of two former Akron football players over on the MAC Conference board.


Rick Pitino continues his campaign to have Temple join the Big East.



Anonymous said...

Why isn't that snake pitino talking up umass for the big east?

Anonymous said...

We're not ready yet.

Anonymous said...

Calling Pitino a snake is being too kind to that ingrate!!

Anonymous said...

Just because he started at umass doesn't mean he has to push everything umass to everyone. let the man be.