Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday--February 24th, 2012

Matty V. has a quote from the Commissioner of the A10 that says she realizes football drives the market. has a story about Temple's possible move.

A copy of the UMass-MAC contract is available here . also states the a Temple move to the Big East would change the recruiting dynamics of the Northeast for both hoops and football.


Yahoo Sports has a story about Emil Igwenagu and UMass football.

Relevant quote for UMass fans:

""When you look at the number of guys they've placed in the league, UMass is now a program that is sending players into the NFL regularly," the scout said. "And they're guys making an impact, guys starting and contributing. You have to look at these players now."

Emil's official weigh-in numbers from the NFL Combine.


I forgot to mention Emil and James Lizotte made the CAA All-Academic team (.pdf download).


A Bleacher Report writer looks at every opening game in the 2012 season and predicts a UConn victory over UMass. He also uses an image I took.



Anonymous said...

A 38-13 UConn victory prediction may be a little harsh, but in reality we're not going to be favored in ANY game this season. If we lost to UConn 38-24 I'd consider it very respectable. The one thing in that prediction blog that made a lot of sense was his comment about this being a lot different that past seasons where maybe the team could play "big" for that one FBS game on the schedule. This will be grueling week after week and will be a pretty rough road to travel. Recruiting efforts are looking great, but that won't necessarily result in a lot of victories the first couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Temple was already in the big east. Doesn't change the fact the campus is located in the hood in philly. They will be getting the same recruits.