Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Letter-of-Intent Day 2012---Februay 1st, 2012

First, let me reiterate, there will be a football reception at the Amherst Brewery today at 6:00 pm with Coach Molnar. The Minutemen 2012 recruits will be revealed.

This event will feature: UMass Football. Beer. Life will rarely get better.

Email Jason Germain  to let him know you are coming.

In addition, there will be live streaming video of a press conference at 3:00 pm today of Coach Molnar talking about the 2012 recruits.


Matty V. says sources say UMass will sign a two-for-one deal with Colorado and one game with Wisconsin.

Future UMass schedules here.


Camp Randell Stadium


Matty also says Kyle Havens was traded to the Tampa Bay Storm.


Jeff Thomas says it's looking like a very good recruiting class for the Minutemen.

SB Nation looks at signing day for UConn, BC and UMass.

The MAC Daily has a report the leagues Signing Day activities.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Ihedigbo and Cruz are symbols of a football program on the rise.

Gee, a kind word from the Globe. Hell must be having a cold snap.


Tevin Shaw, a First Team All-New Jersey and a teammate of UMass recruit Tajae Sharpe is looking for a scholarship after he was stiffed by Iowa State.



Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Frank do we know that the coaching staff has been finalized? Up high on the sunny side we still hope that M Shipp will be a part of the program.

Spoke w/ some our NJ alum friends and they confirmed that T Sharpe is a very good player and would fit in well as a FS or on offense. They had seen Miles play in HS and compared him as about the same player. Hope something could work out and he comes here.

Sounds like the staff is going for some real size for the OL. Got to like that. Coaches can teach all day but they cannot teach size on the OL. At the same time big players have to be able to move some and it'll be interesting to see what other sports the new OL have played. Vlad was a soccer player before he became an OL and it seems that this helped him some.

Have a Nice Day ! ! !

UMass74 said...

I'm hoping Coach Molar will introduce some/all of his staff at the reception.

Anonymous said...

No clue on the talents of recruits from other states. But the mass kids we really are taking chances with all 3 players. None of them had offers anywhere else other than umass. Smith could turn into another wooten, same level of competition in high school. Langston was going to maine until we offered him. Doyle was pulled by nc state and headed to merrimack until we offered. Risky players for a now division 1 mac program.

Anonymous said...

Doyle de-committed from NC State because he wanted the chance to play quarterback, not because they pulled the scholarship

Anonymous said...

From Top UMASSer

To the poster complaining on the Mass recruits you have no idea what you're talking about. Smith is much shorter and more athletic than Wooten. It is literally the worst comparison ever. Wooten was a kid they hope would fill out and play tight end, but the kid just couldn't gain substantial weight. Smith is an excellent athlete. He's one of the top high jumpers in the country. AJ Doyle's offer was not pulled by NC State. He decided he wanted to play QB not LB so he decommitted. He also had an offer by Western Michigan to play QB. What conference are they in? Oh the MAC. Go figure. I don't know anything about Langston but I wish him the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

to just another TAP and Top UMASSer

To the TAP you seem to post first and think later. Or you are a troll. Whatever your so-called thoughts are seem to be apparently worthless and so short sighted it is painfully obvious you wasted the 5 minutes it took you to string together this blather.

If you cannot constructively post something go back and sit on the couch.

To Top UMASSer well said and could not agree more. Good to see some good posting from someone who has some real knowledge on how this all goes.

Hope to hear from you more often.

Hav a Nice Day ! ! !