Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday--February 20th, 2012

Ida Shipp raised three pretty successful kids.

Jenny Dell tells how she moved from her Connecticut roots to a UMass cheerleader and on to being the newest NESN sideline reporter.


Tulane's president says a BCS-only playoff could be acceptable to non-BCS leagues, if the revenue distribution improves.



Kate Upton image credit unknown

Every football fan knows the Super Bowl economic indicator. Now an intrepid reporter finds that an American on the cover of the SI Swimsuit edition is positive indicator for the stock market. Original article here (subscription).

Relevant quote: That little known measuring rod shows that since 1978, whenever an American graced the swimsuit cover, the total return for the S & P 500 averaged an annual gain of 14.3% and was on the plus side 88.2% of the time, while during those years when no American was on the cover, the index averaged a total return of 10.8% and was positive 76.5% of the time. . .

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Shameless, Frank, shameless! But I agree.