Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday--February 27, 2012

ESPN Quick Hits says Victor Cruz is raising UMass' profile across the country.

The Giants are considering what to do with Cruz's contract.


Another FCS program transitioning to FBS Texas State, starts its FBS era.


Texas A&M may break a 105-year tradition in 2012.



MinuteFan said...

Just got back from vacation, so it's the first I've seen of the Mike Kruczek hire. There is an interesting UMass connection here, but I'm doing this from memory, so may need some "fact checkers". Back in my time at UMass (1972-77), I was in attendance when BC played UMass in Amherst and Kruczek was the QB. I think BC won 70-8 or something like that. BC was still throwing in the 4th quarter! My hatred of all things BC began that day! Turns out Kruczek had a chance to set some NCAA completion percentage or efficiency rating for a season and needed a few more attempts or completions. But it was not soon forgotten. Later that season, BC played at the Cage in basketball. The Cage was packed hours before the game chanting "BC sucks". Commonplace now, but I had never heard anything like it before. I think UMass crushed them by about 60 points. Who would have guessed he would one day be our OC? Does anyone remember this?

UMass 65 said...

Umass beat BC in Amherst in '72 and '78. I saw both games. I think that was the only time they came to Amherst.